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Todd Perrin  Chief cook and bottle washer @mallardcottage

Back from the road to see our boy is back in the house....... @tdawgthecommis

@chef_lora taking point in our dish.... Roots for Change #chefsforchange @aplaceforfood

Did you know that low income Canadians are more likely to suffer from diet related illnesses like type-2 diabetes?
Here with a crew trying to do a thing or two to address this problem and a few others while we are at it...... #chefsforchange @aplaceforfood

Thanks Wolfville and Halifax for a grand few days. Early morning hard boiled sets me up for the flick to TO and #chefsforchange tonight @propellercoffeeco @aplaceforfood

If you stick around long enough dough turns to bread! #alchemy

Drinking coffee watching dough in Halifax today!

Hot chicken or hot haddock..... story of my life.... #choices #halifax

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