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Twinning is winning

Be the mountain. Stable and grounded.

When it's meditation time (because: bedtime), but your monkey mind keeps telling you that you have to post some fresh flowers on Instagram.
So, here it is. Now back to stillness. Sort of.

At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it~ Thich Nhat Hahn ☯️

A rain of roses on my head
A rain of roses at my hour of death
Shower roses on my head
Shower roses at my hour of death

A poem to fit this dreary day.

When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes.

Snow in August.
I only got to see a glimpse of the snowy tops. The cable cars didn't go up that day, because of the wind and rain.

It's not that bad being stuck in a traffic jam, when you have this as your view.

All those layers of silence upon silence~ Donna Tart 🌸

I hear thunder, but there's no rain.

Hello, first Monday after vacation.
Trying to "be water", but feeling more like a stormy sea with my waves crashing against the rocks.

Misty watercoloured memories again.
So, I made less than 300 pictures during our holiday in Austria.
The weather was too bright and shiny. which was a good thing in the end. It gave me more time to rest and relax. (Much needed)
And it forced me to make more family pictures. Standard holiday stuff. Nothing wrong with that either.

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