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Malik Barnhardt  Dir. of "C'est La Vie"

If a boy walked and walked until he had no fear from out shadows of darkness a Man will appear.. #artistculture

Me and my brother in our favorite city #nyc with our favorite fun food #pizza
Funny story: when we were kids he would order the pizza for us "2 large with extra cheese.. he'd get on the phone to place the order and would say "yea let me get two large pies" in his best Italian accent I would start to cry because for me pie didn't translate into pizza, for me it meant apple pie for some strange reason, he would keep saying it because he knew it made me crazy lol.. we'd eat the pizza while talking with Italian accents, you couldn't tell us that these two #jerseyboys were not in the mafia.. lol I've always looked at my brother as just a big bother, but he really and truly was my #bestfriend he would answer every time I called or call right back and listen to me complain and cry about being overlooked as an actor. H'ed say bro your talented don't worry! He was always there to hear me out but I can't say the same from me to him, often he'd call an I'd take it for granted "Oh that's just my brother, I'll call him back"... Well, I did it one time to many, and the last time was absolutely the very last time. On this night I chose not to pick up the phone when he needed his little brother the most!! The next day when I called him back he was gone, just like that! Forever to be a memory good/bad a time and place in history.. At this point I can only say how sorry I am bro for not picking up your call! I had no idea that it was a good bye call... Yes I'm hurting so much nowadays and #pizza well, it's not same anymore.. this ones for you my #bestfriend in my best Italian accent "I miss da hell ouda ya Frankie! watda guy uhh... Ayye don't worry da next pies on me... Fforget about ittt"!!! #jameelbarnhardt miss you 👑 ❤❤❤

Rockin my brothers crown..
He loved this culture #hiphop #rundmc #jammasterjay miss u 👑..

#portrait de bleu

#fbf The possibilities are endless

One day your flying high, the next day your grounded. It's not a time to be worried though.. it's a time to humble yourself and believe in who you are! Hold your head, not in the literal sense but figuratively, use "your mental power" focus on the positive in you and y'll fly again, many times over my friend! Life's a constant lesson to be learned, only to make the character stronger 💪🏾

#tbt Yes I am!!! #mybrotherskeeper
Never forget #jameelbarnhardt my one and only blood brother, we are forever one. ❤️u👑

I'm a visual expression, a #characteractor

A coffee per day keeps mr.grouchy at bay!

Shout out to ladies at movement magazine thank you for recognizing the hard work! Love you guys, for keeping ppl informed Check out the film "C'est La Vie" leave a comment.

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