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Malika M  @diaforastyle

THIS SATURDAY! Make sure the kiddies bring their bathing suits 🤗 Water slides, Moon bounce, Face Paint, Games, Book bags, Free food and more!!!!!!

Living to me is loving your Lord and serving your purpose. My spirit is lifted when I am able to help others and bring them happiness. I love to travel and experience different people and their cultures. Utilizing my imagination and being a visionary is what keeps Diafora and I alive. This is what living is to me❤️

What’s Living to you??? Drop your answer below!
I’ll share mine on my next post🤗

Life is about reciprocity. You inhale oxygen from trees and you exhale carbon dioxide. Give and receive.
Diafora Gives Back
12th & Cambria

How it look?

Before me, you ain’t never been this happy🤪

Putting everything in drive💁🏻‍♀️

Fila Nigga🤪

When I look back, it’s only to see how far I’ve come🖤 #diafora

When you hustle, always make it fancy✨

Wanted to share 3 things I constantly keep in mind... Let’s make this day count☺️✨

Get use to it💥

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