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@kicks_usa X Falcon release party
Thank you so much for the invite✨

Don’t drown off this wave🌪 #diafora

Diafora will be featured in #PFW I’m SUPER excited to show you all what else we have coming for the fall! You can pick up tickets here at our showroom!
Dilworth Park
Doors open at 7:00pm Show starts at 8:00pm

People always speak about my happiness and I ALWAYS tell them “Bad times don’t last forever”! You gotta carry that shit the same way, plus it takes too much energy to have an angry heart! ☺️❤️✨
#diafora @diaforastyle
Photo Cred• @afrovocative

Share 1 thing that you wanna work on with yourself or your life. I’ll go first. I want to work on how I talk. I dislike using fill ins (Like/Um). I’d also like to enhance my vocabulary. I don’t wanna keep being that person to ask someone “what do you mean?”. So starting today I’ll be reading more and getting extra help from an expertise in writing and public speaking.

Tonight was so amazing at the @laquan_smith show! It was so dope how a lot of people who were in attendance approached and complimented me on the Medusa set. I’m leaving #NYFW more inspired than ever! Hope to see you all at #PFW

He said it’s DRIP season💧😌

Even when I fxck sh*t up I’m still calm
#diafora #NYFW #nyfw2018

I love you💖
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Me wishing everyone well! A lot may not understand this but baby my heart is pure and what’s for me surely won’t miss me. Allah got me✨💖 Photo @rocknrollazero
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There was a time in my life that I would seek validation from others; Thinking that if they noticed me then I most definitely was qualified. I never got that recognition I was looking for. Little did I know I only needed that validation from myself. Some people are afraid of your greatness so they rather act like they are blinded to what you’re doing. Whole time you’re really the professor and they’re taking notes✨ Know This!
Always stay positive and humble throughout your journey! Your time is coming!

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Sometimes I post pictures just so I can get a message out. I’ll keep it short... I’m dropping my first episode tomorrow for Road to Runway! This is a time you all will get to see how me and my team work for @diaforastyle ✨You don’t want to miss this mini series!!!

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