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Maliibu Miitch  Petty Poppin Hood Booger || OG Lit Mamii || South🗽Bronx || Hood👁Foreign || R.I.P🙏🏿Sheek || 1090

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#Bombshel : Issa Sliim Goodie👅 || Ayooo Waddup B ?! @bianca_arielle_bailey ||

#Bombshel : Views Wit @Milk 💚🌴 || Styled By Bae : @bianca_arielle_bailey || Thankk Uu Babe See Uu Tuesday @branduh 😘 ||

#Bombshel : Thought Thss Was Kute 💚🌴

#Bombshel : Who Sent Me Ths Bra ?! 😩😍

#Bombshel : Come Thruu NYC && Surroundin Areas lollll thss Tuesday #July25th ill be @sobsnyc 💯💯💯

#Bombshel : Ightt Boom! Look ... im Deadass Some Little Hood Booger Jointt Frm Thaa South Bronx , My Moms Was a Single Black Mother ov 5 on welfare & section 8 tryin her hardest to get us out the hood . But here my ass goes And Drops Out Highskool Because iFelt like School Couldn't teach me aniithng abou my Reality or the world im actualii livin in. iwent from tottin gunz , sellin drugs , bein in gangs , gettin my ass jumped everywhere iWent to gettin locked up (a bitch deadass has 6 mug shots son🤷🏿‍♀️) shoutout to Rikers , thy couldn't hold a real one down lolll bu nah thoo forreal iCame along way from mobbin dwn Prospect ave iaint have positive influences around me but iMade it !!! Made it to a mature state ov mind where I'm not with thaa shits nomore ... iJust wanna tell yall dnt be no fukkin SUKKKA dnt be a product of ur environment anii and everything iz possible son !! Dnt let a haten mutha fukka tell u , u kant be whtchu wanna be !! Because uu Kan ... look @ Me up on @bet @bet_jams smh blessings son , fukkin blessings !!

#Bombshel : Clickk Thaa Link in My Bio o2 See Thaa Full Lyric Video Fo' #4AM !! 🔥💯

#Bombshel : Fo'evaa Maccin 👌🏿
|| Earrings By @_jewelrycrush ||

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#Bombshel : Uu Alreadii Kno Outcheaa Doin Hood Booger Activities , Lookin nd Feelin Likkah Jawnnnn .

#Bombshel : "iTry Not o2 Say nothin thaa DA might wanna play in court // Bu iHunt a Duck Nigga Dwn Lik its a Sport" - 50 🎶🎵

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