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Malica ferments  移動する発酵の旅。The travelling fermentation power spot. Wild-crafting, traditional Japanese recipes and homebrew, Koji, Miso, in workshops and popups.


So I'm just back from a long and continuous fermentation journey with @nakaji_minamiya and many cool soul mates spread around in Europe.

It was like a prolonged picnic. Together we made Koji, travelled with Doburoku and many Koji derived food and bottles, which we fed people with knowledge and received great enthusiasm back.

On each location, together we ate, slept, laughed hard and did something stupid, had a lot of fun, shivered in cold, saw the sunset, drunk beers, shook hands and gave hugs to each other. There was a lot of gratitude and love. The distance in existing and new connection became so thin that it was almost like a new big family we built up in a month. We reunited and teamed up to give classes with a great support and cooperation from the hosts that we never know how to thank for.

The journey has not yet come to the end. Or more like - it has only started now. In the distance, I send signals and believe that they are being received.

It's the trust and the bond between us. There is nothing to feel isolated about.

Thank you Nakaji, for travelling with me and for all our friends who opened the door to us. I don't know what to say.

From this point on, Malicafe Organic Vegan Food will morph into Malica ferments. I don't think this will make a big impact on what I already do.
The idea has already been there for a while, and I thought I'd just announce it before 2018 ends.

As usual, I'll be travelling and giving courses on Koji making and everything else that's rooted in the Japanese classic fermentation. The fermentation tour to Japan is getting organized now too and will be announced shortly when we gather chefs and interesteds to come up with conclusive dates and stuff.

So stay tuned and connected, we shall keep moving on.

Koji sheet. A piece of art. Mind blowing experiments.

Arigato---- for unforgettable visit!

Learning about the industry.

A beautiful family of locally brewed Shoyu.

Make your own Shoyu project.

Shoyu Koji making for this workshop was accomplished at the risk of my life 😷Now THAT was a lot of spores in my place. Everything is covered in green now... well I like

Hear the sound on the second pic.

I hear you, my love.

At the same time starting Koji making for Shoyu mastering class for this weekend.

The last rice Koji this month is up.

I chose SR-108 this time to test my new way of making Koji fits with this environment and a slight adjustment on my Muro, the incubation chamber. After making Koji in several different countries I'm slightly coming to one conclusion that I needed to still manipulate the humidity, even when I'm making Koji for Sake making.

Preparing a new batch of Doburoku with this Koji today. Hopefully, I can bring this to
Göteborg at the end of this month.

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