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Malicafe Organic Vegan Food  移動する発酵人。The travelling fermentation power spot. Wild-crafting, traditional Japanese recipes and homebrew, Koji, Miso, in workshops and popups.

3-days fermentation camp in Brussels.

Day 3: Mastering Miso.
Started with 7 different types of Miso (every time it changes), lecture on history, folk culture, my personal Miso adventure. Together we made delicious Miso-to-be, and enjoyed miso soup made from 13 types of Miso, Miso and Doburoku Sake lees pickles, and green kraut.

3-days fermentation camp in Brussels.

Day 2: Koji final. The detailed temperature change that relates to the stage of enzyme growth.
Muro, Koji buta, teire and finishing Koji. Where did A. Oryzae come from? What is the risk of finding it from nature? Koji making broadens your eyes.
To finish we had fermented late lunch and kanpai-d on Doburoku.

3-days fermentation camp has started in Brussels.

Day 1: Koji introduction. The origin, history, process by steps, quick and dirty tips, enzyme growth, and on and on..
Never run out of things to tell...but we still have tomorrow for this crush course 😉

今回の麴学は2days crush courseなので、今日は蒸しからやる包み込みと、昨日から準備しておいた米の盛りを一気に体験します。






Ready for our private Shoyu festival tomorrow.

Blackberries from summer is now ready to be used as vinegar. A beautiful wine-red MOV on the top.

So now we've got these super fresh organic vegetable and herbs from the farm we visited.
Kale, Romain lettuce, Mizuna, cilantro, marjoram and garlic chives.


Private fermentation rush.

The black Koji I made this week was not successful in my eyes. Interesting, and still I made Amazake and it came out just as I wanted. In there I marinate a couple of years old Aprico-Umeboshi that are too hard to chew. I know it doesn't look too appealing but this will be a fantastic Ume in a year or two.

Since Sunki wasn't eye-catchy for fb people, we bottled red Shiso enzyme soda🤭



While back in March this year I made Koji from brewer's rice Yamada Nishiki.

Normally the rice is polished down to half and used for refined Sake making but I didn't have a polisher back then, so needed to germinate the rice to start Koji.

Since it's brewer's rice, I still couldn't help making Doburoku out of it.

I made two versions: one with Italian brown rice as Kakemai, the other with the polished one.

They both resulted in rather sweet and mild flavour than I thought they'd be.

On the other side of my hands, I have a bunch of aprico-Ume from the previous years that came out too dry and salty. So I marinated that in Y Doburoku and 5 months later today tasted them. As planned, they absorbed the liquid and the texture and flavour became perfect to my liking now. The full process and story shared privately.

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