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Malibu C Professional  Pioneers in the Professional Beauty Industry offering Wellness Solutions for the 💆🏽‍♀️Hair 🙆🏼‍♀️Scalp 💁🏻‍♀️Skin

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A little of this, a little of that to make this color pop! 💥
💎Prepped for the perfect canvas with @malibucpro Crystal Gel
💎Lighten with @schwarzkopfusa BlondMe with all my favorite @framar tools and
💎 color melt to perfection with Igora Vibrance and @wowcomb_usa
💎Style with my forever favorite 18-in-1 beautifier from @oligopro

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Major cut and Blonding Session today! .
Let’s talk well water y’all! It’s a big pain in the a**! I am so so careful when I’m using lightener, and especially, when clients have had previous balayage or highlights done. I learned something today about how much certain well water can really affect the hair and skin. If ANY of you are curious about what your water is doing to your hair, @malibucpro has awesome information, and a quiz you can take to see what products and treatments will help you get through dry, brittle and hair that just doesn’t feel like your hair should! .
I used @guytang_mydentity magnum 8 + 10 vol on roots to Mids, and pulled lightener through the last ten min with @olaplex .
Thank you @wearethewaldrons for trusting me with your hair! 💞
Toned with 6ig at her rootagé and pearl + 9ig on her Mids and ends under heat for 10 minutes .
. .
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This client came to me seeking gray silver color to blend and match her blotchy gray roots so she can stop coloring her hair black boxed color, total service was 11 hours, I started the long process by removing the artificial dye using @malibucpro cpr for 45 minutes then @pravana color extractor for 20 minutes each process, then I bleach the whole head starting from where her gray roots starts in foils by taking thin baby strands and in some areas bigger chunks to follow the pattern of her natural gray roots by using the amazing big 9 by @guytang_mydentity with 30 vol mixed with @olaplex and leaving her natural gray roots out of foils for about 4 hours until I reached level 10 pale yellow blonde, during processing I had to open each foil and reapply a new lightener mixture to warm areas, in the meanwhile I colored the hair that left outside foils with guytang mydentity dark shadow mixed with 10 vol to creat that salt and pepper pattern to match her natural gray roots since dark shadow is a dark gray color, processing for another 30 minutes, rinsed first the hair outside the hair then removed foils and rinsed the whole head, quick shampoo then pre toned with @redken shade eq 1/2 oz 9P 1/2 oz 9T mixed with 1 oz clear and 2 oz of processing solution for 20 minutes, rinsed well, dry 70% then applied @kenraprofessional 10 SM with zero lift developer on the hair that has been worked on only (I didn’t apply it on her natural roots) process for 30 minutes. Shampoo, cut and style with round brushes. #behindthechair #olaplex #mydentity #kenraprofessional #pravana @behindthechair_com @oneshothairawards #tustinhairstylist #tustinsalon #tustinhair #irvinehair #irvinehairstylist #irvinesalon #irvinebalayage #newportbeachsalon #newportbeachhair #newportbeachhairstylist #orangecountysalon #orangecountyhairstylist #beverlyhillshair #beverlyhillssalon #beverlyhillshairstylist
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(Swipe for the before)⁣

As you can see we had A LOT of variables to work out. Our goal was to achieve a rich level 5 base with a lived in effect. ⁣

I started by using @malibucpr pigment remover which softened the contrast of the dark bands. ⁣

Next, using 30vol and @olaplex I heavily weaved medium sections using little to no drop section. ⁣

After processing we were left with a mixture of level 7,8,9 throughout. I used diarichesse 5.01 on zone 1 and 6n on zone 2, processes a full 20 min and finished with @redken shades eq 8v 7p with clear. ⁣

It was a very long session for this babe and she was a total angel! From here on out she’s only 1-2 sessions away from her goal color and her appointments will only be fraction of the time and cost!⁣
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Red to Blonde Reality with 0 Damage or Breakage 🌟 5 1/2 hour transformation. Color Remover, Full Head Balayage+ Root Melt. Starting Canvas 3 years of full head of a mahogany red color. .

Step 1: Malibu C CPR for 45 minutes to remove some of the color build up on her hair. This product worked amazing with 0 damage. It took away almost all of the red tones in her hair. Making it a lot easier for me to lighten her hair without worrying about it Bleaching pink. Swipe to see the results of the CPR packet —-> .

Step 2: Using Framesi Decolor B Diamond+20 volume I applied a full head of balayage. Leaving some of the hair out. (Not every piece of her hair was bleached). I did this to add some dimension in her hair throughout her blonding journey. Application time- 45 minutes. Let process for another 30 minutes. Shampoo+Conditioned+Blow dried to prep for step 3. .

Step 3: Root Melt Using Framesi Framcolor Eclectic (a Demi permanent color so when we go to lift her roots or move the blonde up we will have no issues) 6-IN melted into 9.16 Framcolor Eclectic Care. Her ends lifted very warm. Any time you are lifting a client with Previously colored Hair (especially red) your client will lift warm. The only way your client will lift to a gorgeous natural blonde is if they have virgin hair. 9.16 is a color that I use for a lot of my silver looks but is also an amazing color to knock out a lot of warmth on level 8-9. It will only then pure silver if the hair is a high level 9-10. .

PSA: I definitely could have bleached her twice in one day to get her to a lighter blonde, but my client didn’t want to cut any of her hair off since she just recently cut it short. So slow and steady and through sessions was my go to for this one. Every client is different. It is our jobs as professionals to understand our clients wants and needs with their hair and educate them on the process+lead them in the right direction💕

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A great photo of Kara’s gorgeous blonde locks!!! She wanted to stay more natural at her root for low maintenance.

I started with a @malibucpro Crystal Gel.
I applied lightner on her damp hair (not wet) in a platinum card technique. I used @aloxxihair Ultra & @olaplex
I rinsed and 🛑 oxidation with Crystal Gel.
Did a color melt with @oligopro 7I and a mix of P1 & P12 using @trionicshaircare No Lift.
Concentr8 Mixer cocktail with @malibucpro
Finished & Styled with @love_kevin_murphy session.spray flex & Blonde.
Beach waves with my @babylissprousa 1 1/4” iron.
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St. Patty's day preparations! Be green. Any shade of green. You decide with our pure pigments aka Malibu C Concentr8 Colours! 🍀☘️

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It’s so icy I’m cold 🥶 Compliments to @olaplex and @malibucpro y’all really came through by providing me with AMAZING products to help me maintain the health of my clients hair 👏🏼 .
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Fri-yay! Prep your hair for an amazing weekend with @malibucpro.

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I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the best lighting in my new space is in the middle of the room. So that's nice. I mean look at this RED!! Of course I captured this on my Canon Rebel SL2 which I am still trying to learn how to use! Hope you all have an amazing Sunday!! .
Pulp Riot Faction 8 plus Malibu C Concentr8 pigments, crystal get to stop oxidation and Olaplex for strength.

A favorite of Malibu celebrities and bombshell blonde beauties alike, this 100% vegan beach blonde maintenance system breathes new life into natural, bleached and highlighted tresses to reveal haute hues and shimmering shine, creating “OMG” hair that’s sure to turn heads. Includes FREE Wellness Treatments.

why you need it:
💠takes blondes and highlights from dull to dazzling
💠delivers unmatched shine; infuses moisture; restores and maintains vibrancy
💠protects against brassy, ashy, muddy tones caused by environmental aggressors
💠nourishes and treats dry, damaged hair for improved elasticity, body and bounce
💠beneficial for any and all blondes—from “born that way” to “bombshell” platinum
💠it’s the beauty must-have for some of Malibu’s most famous blondes;
💠makes sexy, beachy blondes shine

key benefits:
malibu blondes wellness shampoo and conditioner
💠an exclusive proprietary sulfate surfactant free, multifunctional amino acid surfactant technology delivers the most gentle, yet powerfully effective, shampoo formula
💠guards against waterborne elements that can otherwise dull, discolor or damage hair
💠helps protect and preserve color vibrancy
💠gluten-free, plant-based proteins improve flexibility, strength and movement without weighing hair down
💠formulated without sulfates, preservatives, parabens, , gluten and fragrance
💠safe for all hair types, all ages

key wellness ingredients and their benefits: 💠Malibu C® Exclusive Wellness Shampoo Complex: Sulfate surfactant free cleansing agents originate from a multi-functional amino acid technology that is seven times gentler than traditional sodium laurel sulfate-based shampoo formulas to help maintain natural oils for moisturizing benefits.
💠Rice Protein: Gluten-free protein enhances the manageability and body of hair. Smoothes cuticle; improves gloss and texture while providing a barrier on damaged, oxidized hair.
💠Curcuma Longa Root Extract (Turmeric): Natural botanical herb that brightens and enhances the depth of blonde hues. 💠Betaine: Derived from sugar beet; improves hair’s strength to prevent breakage with superior, penetrating moisture retention
💠Linseed Extract (flax protein): Gluten-free,

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One of my specialties! Ever wonder why these services cost more? Here is a breakdown of MY typical blonding service. .
•first things first, integrity. This is a vital part of being a blonde. Keeping the elasticity and porosity of the hair in tact will result in healthier hair. In that sense, i ALWAYS prep. •I do a mini or full Malibu makeover every single time. By prepping my canvas, I insure my client that there will be absolutely no chemical reactions, no breakage, and brighter blonde with minimal damage. Other benefits include faster processing and drying time. My clients don’t get the option to not have a treatment, because why take the chance? When you can take the time? •I never use higher than 20 volume with lightener and incubation. (Foil, Saran, etc.) 20 can get you just as far as 40 at a more controlled rate of oxidation. This will help with keeping porosity low! Again, take the time. •when rinsing out lightener, always stop oxidation completely. No, water, shampoo or conditioner stops it completely. You need an antioxidant such as crystal gel. This will also help your toner stick to the hair better! •after toning, stop oxidation again. Always. .
I finish every service with a. Deep condition and sometimes a bond treatment if needed. If you look at my blondes, they all have extremely healthy hair. That is because I take every precaution needed in order to insure that! Cost is a reflection of the products used, the time it takes to utilize immaculate placement skills, formulating an exact color for particular needs, and insurance that your hair stay in the best condition it can, while we knowingly choose to oxidize at accelerated rates. A typical blonde service for me is at least 3 hours long. Hope this helps give some clarity as to why these services can take so much longer and cost so much more. Happy Friday 💖
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