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I had to go away for a little while. I will be back in a bit to tell you all about it 🤗😘

Do something for yourself everyday to show appreciation for yourself. Bath, face mask, deep condition, foot rub, gym, dance, mani pedi, buy yourself flowers. There are so many small ways to start showing yourself that you are grateful for YOU. We have these thoughts of inferiority and we don’t realize how little we think of ourselves every day. I use to tell myself everyday that I was ugly, I’m fat, no one will ever love me, I’m so stupid. And it began to show. (As a man thinketh so he is). Now I wake up and say hi beautiful 😍 I love you, your so damn sexy and yes I smack my own ass 😂 (that MF be looking good )🤷🏾‍♀️ point is you are the creator of your own reality. Soon you will see yourself start to heal and blossom and you will feel so sorry for ever doubting YOU. Please be good to yourself you guys🙏🏾 #SelfLove❤️

I love Seduction, I read the Bible, I collect crystals, I am into spiritualism, I shake my ass, I am a healer, I l use lots of profanity, Manners are so sexy to me, I practice self love, I love astrology, I might be a witch, I’m very loving, hospitality is extremely important to me. You can’t box me in. If you try you will just get addicted. 🤷🏾‍♀️ it happens.

I have to say when I started my self love journey one thing I came up against was etiquette. Being well mannered makes me feel elegant and polished. Don’t get it twisted I’m Rachet too but it’s all about balance and being well rounded. Also I like to have my surrounding beautiful because again it makes me feel beautiful. Take yourself seriously I can’t begin to tell you how simple table manners will open you up to a different genre of people. #SelfLove❤️

Im a Sagittarius I have to work out just to keep some form of sanity.

Core work

Today’s work 💪🏾trainer: @fitnessiam

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#BreakingNews the bird catching lady got arrested and charged! She was selling the little birds as chicken dumplings at her restaurant! #carryon

I see people commenting on how it’s not good to be alone. And “who wants to be alone forever?” Self love has nothing to do with being alone forever. None of us are the same people we were 5 years ago. A lot of times we develop a habit of the type of people we pick in our lives. Never taking into consideration our growth. Even worse is the codependency issues society puts on us to “be with someone”. When you love yourself you begin to value who you are and your time. You will then begin to be more careful of the people you allow to have you and your time. Which enables you to acquire a better quality of people because you value your time and are not desperate for “company”. Also loving yourself will attract the people to you who are also willing to love you the way you want to be loved. Most of us don’t even know how we want to be loved because we don’t take the time with ourselves to know who we really are. Then, we put a bunch of pressure on someone else to fill a void that we ourselves don’t even know how to fill. It isn’t fair. And needing someone to fill your void isn’t really love. Get it?

Sorry not sorry 🤗😘 Great Rising #SelfLove❤️

@tazsangels_ I concur 🙌🏽

5”8 175lbs 😋

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