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м ä ℓ ī ä 🎈  l i v i n g . c r e a t i v e l y s t r a d d l i n g . d i m e n s i o n s

She was stuck on love....
This was amazing after I hyperventilated !! 😩
🙏 @snakebytestv @elijahdanielistrash @csydelko
#tarantula #shewaspretty #thishappened

Vintage Earl vibes 💋
// #tylerlambert

It was a pleasure to unravel for a moment w/ Maui and his Moma @taylorndean #randomnights #roomfullofmadness 🙏🏼📸 @thatsojack 😘

Je te choisirai toujours #NYC

Simple pleasures #coastline #cali

Best fake tour guide e v e r ... 🗽😜
#NYC #RollDawg #TuhDef

Many people believe that introversion is about being antisocial, and that's really a misperception. Because actually it's just that introverts are differently social. So they would prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as opposed to going to a loud party full of strangers. #mycandidconfessions #fitvinewine

The terrace view was breathtaking. TY for always providing such great service. @11_howard #spg #deltamedallion

Bathroom walls #nyc thanks for the tip @sudana @jonathan.raffaelle.davidson 👍

She finds beauty in what others find mundane;
She fills her rooms with photos, music, art, sentimental odes to Paris & New York.
She sees pictures in the clouds,
She cultivates art from that which otherwise would perish.
She almost always looses herself in the beauty of the musics fashion.
Her soul is that of a painters,
It draws magic from every vein;
And the cynics could never take hold of her heart,
For even if she was indecisive and unsure at times, one thing was certain... She always knew who she was.
She gives all of herself to another;
Without expectation and is undeniably drawn to the broken...
Broken people with broken eyes and broken smiles. Moved by their passion. They are not beautiful for the way they look but merely for the way they just are.
#arj #edited #mycandidconfessions

Art is an evolutionary act. The shape of art and its role in society is constantly changing. At no point is art static. There are no rules. #therearenorules

Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first.
Embrace yourself, realize your strengths and accept your flaws. When we love ourselves, we are able to give love freely to others without fear. #love #qotd

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