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Alaskan Malamute🐕🇸🇪  Me🙅🏼 and 13 pack members 🐕 Malamute breeder🐾✨Hurtta,Icebug,Vetzoo and Acana&Orijen Ambassador🎗Company's we are sponsored by are showing in our feed👌🏼

If the kennel don't have nature in it already, well you have to bring some inside! These things I change ever month, building, putting in new things to give them different new funny things to pee on, bite and play with👐🏼 important! #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

One other rule, roof! In this open kennel, with no big trees I had to put up a roof over this really big sitting table in Arraks kennel👐🏼 They love it, and this gives them the opportunity to be outside even if it's raining ☔️ Two more kennels are getting these👆🏼 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

A big tree gives shade, protection from rain and naturally give a cooler temperature during the summer. I also tend to have it clean in the middle, giving them lot of space to run around. And I tend to place the houses and tables near the fences. The pack loves to run around playing😊👍🏼 and this way they get room for that👐🏼 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

Different levels of tables and houses give them the opportunity to jump and climb like they want to. One very important thing for me👐🏼 although I always make sure if one of the table is a little bit too high they have an other smaller like here in the pic so they don't need to jump too high👐🏼 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

Here in Tjernas kennel you can see the big warm doghouse pretty good, it fits 3-4 malamutes in every section👐🏼 Tjerna also have a lovely little roof over the door and al the kennels have these terrace to sleep on😏 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

All kennels require doghouses for every single dog! Although al my houses needs to get fix this winter cus they are not isolated. An other rule✔️ I have a big house tho so al dogs can go inside, with warming. Although they always sleeps outside in the snow💁 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

In all kennels I have different floorings, the rules says dogs need to be able to dig if they want to! Also for me it's important to have trees and rocks to get a natural feeling. With many males peeing I rather choose kennels that give them that opportunity🌲 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

I get tons of questions about my kennels, so I'm gonna show you some pics of them and tell you a little bit about each kennel👐🏼 The biggest one are around 70kvm big. Here I have 4 sitting tables in different levels. I Sweden this is one of the rules keeping dogs in kennel, sitting tables for all dogs and also big enough for all dogs sleeping together on them👍🏼 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

Happy news! Soon we can expect small Digger pups😍 congrats to the kennel Whoelse👐🏼🎉 I wonder if they gonna be as cute as him❤️ #packlife #malamutepacklife

My beautiful Chilkoot, Appies sister❤️ she's one of a kind that's one thing for sure! I love everything about her! She's co owned with my dear friend @teamwildthings 😘 hopefully she's gonna be in my breeding program in the future 👐🏼❤️ #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

Axa is now spending time with me, she's in heat😅 #alaskanmalamute #packlife #malamutepacklife

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