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Mallory 🔮Etsy artist• Atlanta  Holistic mom🌿 CrueltyFree 🐰 Worldwide ship🌍 Love All🌈 CRYSTALS+JEWELRY 🔮 @FreeSpiritLoveShop🌸 @lovelavendermagic🦋 Original MANTRA art💓 DM for customs🌻

Speak up 🙌🏻
Even if your voice shakes 💓🌸☺️
Here’s to STRONG WOMEN 👏🏻
May we KNOW them, may we BE them, may we RAISE them.👯‍♀️
Tag some of your badass lady friends below and tell them how amazing they are!
Photo collage by me featuring photos from @blindsaay & @aubs_succies 🌟 Tag if reposted.

Good morning babes 🌟
Sending out lots of #love today 🌸
Based on the communication I have had with others lately it seems like either the changing seasons or this half moon in Capricorn is affecting people’s moods & general outlook on life💓
Hang in there ! I have been struggling a bit too. Just feeling overwhelmed & a sense like I am forgetting something important constantly 🙈 (I hate that feeling)
Today is new day. Let’s Appreciate everything we have & try to realize we are right where we are meant to be ☺️
Also - side note 🌸 Please try to remember that I am first and foremost a #Human who is running a small business, I am not just a business. Please talk to me with #kindness even if you have a little mixup with your order .. I try not be too sensitive but sometimes it’s tough. I am not a giant corporation, my husband and I make, package and ship everything by ourselves and we are also homeschooling and running a household full of pets and house projects / maintenance ! Sometimes simple human errors will be made but we always do our best to fix them right away! We want all of our customers to be happy ☺️ we are pleased to say that now electroforming is going super smoothly and long wait times have been eradicated 🙌🏻
We are also getting tons of beautiful display crystals in for y’all per your request and sorting through everything is a job in itself 😆
So is answering all #communication . I will be spending the majority of my day today answering emails, if you have any questions about an order please feel free to reach out and I will get back to you as quickly as I can 🌟💓 #MuchLove & #Gratitude

Is this coffee or wine ?
Also, what are you currently reading ? Here are some of my favorite #books ! 🌝☕️🍷 #Mondaze #mugshotmonday
Mug by @the_grievous_angel
Rose quartz hexagon coasters available in my shop
l i n k. I n. B i o.💓🌸🔮

Metaphysical properties:
It promotes joy and happiness and brings through the vibration of Divine Truth, while helping to heal the heart of the energy of depression and anxiety.
Said to attract new love as well as abundance and prosperity.
These new bracelets featuring silver dipped #chrysoprase combined with earthy etched agate are giving me some serious Fall vibes. Listed in my shop now & ready to ship. Remember all prices now include shipping ! 🍂
Ps. How cool is the tree in my neighbors yard?! I find it delightfully #witchy .. not sure what it is though 🤔
#AcolorStory #crystaladdict #fallvibes

So in love with this magical natural golden agate crystal ball 🙌🏻 It weighs nearly 5lbs ! It’s so hard not to keep this beauty for myself but I really need to let it go.. dm me if you would like to claim her 🔮🌝 she is one of a kind. #crystalBall #magic #witchy ***video in stories*** $250 shipped

Act with love.
Lead with love.
Speak with love.
Feel the love.
Always choose love.
#dsFloral #floralobsession #chooselove #ihavethisthingwithflowers #mantras
photo by me. Credit if reposted.

These smell amazing 🌸 thanks for allowing me to make them for y’all ☺️ I really enjoy it, wrapping herbs is a super meditative practice for me.
These will ship Monday, they need to dry a little longer.
I will be able to restock these in the next few weeks as well. They sold out quick ! Comment below if you would like me to tag you when they are available again. 😊💓 They are organic lavender + rose smudge bundles! Useful for bringing new energy into your home.
#namaste #lavender #roses #dsfloral #organic #herbs #rituals sweater from @superlovetees

Saw this photography crystal ball thing on amazon and had to buy it 😂💓 it reflects things super clearly upsidedown, can’t wait to play with it!
... can y’all see all those crystals on the table 😍 Can’t wait to photograph and list them all for you ! This is a sneak peek lol #happyfriday #crystalBall

Love this space in the lovely house of @the_spacequeen which she calls the #Lavenderlounge 🔮🌸 the rainbows are not a filter or photoshop ! They are made by @rainbowsymphony film on the windows.. which I totally need some of, it projects rainbows all over your house all day 😍🌈

Just shipped out all these babies ✨ Can’t wait to restock these ! Send me a message if you would like to be contacted when I can make them again.
These are mini amethyst stalactite slices 🔮 One of my all time favorite stones !

These crystals are glowing!!!
They are LAMPS 👏🏻🔮
Amethyst LAMPS are SOLD OUT NOW but *MESSAGE ME TO BE ON THE LIST FOR PREORDER!! They come with the long lasting LED cordless tealight & batteries included. They weigh 5+ pounds each!!!
⭐️ Also, now through December 10 I will be offering Free shipping on all domestic orders in my Etsy shop 💓
Do y’all like to see shipping included in the price already so there is no surprises at checkout ?? I do 😄
Ps. I just listed a few for PREORDER on Etsy

Currently trying to decide what to binge watch next on #Netflix 🤔 Tell me your favorites 💓👏🏻
Lately I have loved The Ozarks (edge of my seat, amazing actors) , all the seasons of Family Matters (lol), Maniac (AMAZING), Riverdale (gotta have some drama), Santa Clarita Diet (hilarious, i love @drewbarrymore ), The good place ( @kristenanniebell cracks me up) & Jessica Jones ( @therealkrystenritter is a badass) ⚡️
Kimono available from my other shop, @freespiritloveshop

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