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Mallory 🔮Etsy artist• Atlanta  Holistic mom🌿 CrueltyFree 🐰 Worldwide ship🌍 Love All🌈 CRYSTALS+JEWELRY 🔮 @FreeSpiritLoveShop🌸 @lovelavendermagic🦋 Original MANTRA art💓 DM for customs🌻

Follow your dreams,
Never let anyone tell you they are too big.
Found this on #Etsy via #TheWovenDreamFactory
#dreams #bohemian #wallhanging #dreamcatcher

Presley loves our big grump cat Baxter,
He loves her too, he just always looks mad.🤣
True story, anyone who comes over to our house is scared of this cat because he growls at everyone.. except Us .. he loves to cuddle us ☺️💓. #Mainecoon #RBF

#Comparison is the thief of joy.
Everyone can relate to seeing someone from a distance who appears to be living out all their dreams and finding themselves #envious . I am guilty of it.
Most of the time now though - I find myself #inspired .. i find myself so incredibly #happy for them. I find myself knowing that even though on #Instagram they seem to be having the time of their lives each and everyday that they still #struggle - we all do. Instagram is a #highlight reel.
We must also realize that we all are meant to follow our own path on this #journey we call #life and comparing ourselves to others is totally pointless. Just go with the flow and be the best YOU that you can possibly be. You are exactly where you were meant to be at this very moment.
#beYou #Nocomparison #life #followyourpath #youareamazing
Collage by #me featuring photo from @victoria.tiu ✨ tag if reposted.

Say hello to
My little friend
#butterfly #nature #tickseed #floral #dsfloral #ihavethisthingwithflowers

Restocked ✨
A M A Z O N I T E + A G A T E G E O D E
Stretch bracelets. Gold dipped open share slice, fits 6.5-7.5” wrist.🌿
These beauties are each one of a kind & only $ 24.
#AMAZONITE : a calming stone perfect for increasing communication and helping you to speak your inner truth without worry.
#AGATE : enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities.
L I N K. T O. P U R C H A S E. I N. B I O.
#etsyjewelry #etsygifts #crystaladdict #ihavethisthingwithplants #armcandy #succulentsofinstagram #bracelets

Accurate 😆
Either the house is a mess or I’m a mess.
Anyone else ?!?
Photo collage by #me featuring photos from @jenssuccs & @raisinghowells

#letterboard #letterboardquotes #lol #messyhouse #housewife #cleaning

#PureMagic 😍
Just shipped out this truly spectacular #AngelAura necklace ✨🔮💓 Hope out customer loves it as much as I do!
*little update oh electroforming.. we are running a little behind due to a large amount of orders in a small amount of time. We did have 2 electroplating systems going but now only 1 is playing correctly which has slowed us down. School starting back Has also made our schedule change which we are still getting used to 🤗
We appreciate all your orders and your patience and promise that if you placed an order we will be shipping you a beautiful piece of jewelry as quickly as we can.. and we can assure you that it will be the highest quality as we are nervous perfectionist (which also slows us down 😆) love you guys !
#crystaladdict #auracrystals #electroforming #healingcopper #caladium #plantlady #ihavethisthingwithplants

Hello ? Anyone out there?😆
Comment and say #HI LOL .. is anyone else having major problems with Instagram today ?? 🙈 Feed not loading.. disappearing direct messages.. general slowness & “no internet connection” aaah. Hopefully it’s just a new update and the glitches will smooth out soon, just hoping it’s not a new algorithm 🤦🏼‍♀️
Ps. All of these crystals are for sale in my stories for special prices.

Always choose kindness.
Who agrees ??!?
Think about how your words & actions impact others on a daily basis.
Collage made by #me featuring photos from @mantraband & @birgittetheresa ✨ Tag if reposted. #kindness #kindessmatters #letterboard #letterboardquotes #bekind

Don’t worry babe,
You’ll make it through.
Even the most glorious flowers
have to grow through dirt
before they bloom.
Xoxo, Mal
I Love picking bouquets from my yard each week ☺️ if i couldn’t grow my own flowers I would definitely be spending tons of money on them at the store 😆
Ps. This dress is now available on my @freespiritloveshop website !

Creativity takes courage.
Creativity takes heart.
Creativity takes hope.
Believe in yourself.
Create from a place of love.
Allow yourself to evolve.
Allow yourself to fail.
Allow yourself to succeed.
Beautiful citrine amethyst candle holder, weighing 7 pounds (sold) I’ve been hoarding this beauty 🌝
#crystaladdict #druzy #minerals #nature #candles #meditation #bohodecor #jungalowstyle #underthefloralspell #urbanjunglebloggers #thenewbohemians

Age:30+ 🌸
Status: i used to be a party animal but now i love my bed and Netflix
Parties must start by 6pm

Photo collage by #me featuring photos from @amazingsucculents & @letterfolk 🌿 tag if reposted.
#letterboard #letterboardquotes #funny #lol #gettingold #netflixandchill

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