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Makiko Itoh  Japanese culture & food writer. Yokohama, Japan/Provence, France. Tatting, Funassyi & more. 南仏在住。英語で執筆活動中。 @atelier.makiwi for stationery love!

This is a kanpo (herbal medicine) powder called Ryukakusan 龍角散. It is a powder that soothes your throat. I have always had problems with my tonsils and have occasional coughing fits, and this is the only thing that stops them. (Note: I am not a medical professional, ymmv.) But besides that, I think the metal can it comes in is so elegant and classic.

A Fyuu gaki 富有柿 (kaki, persimmon) that got a bit overripe. Still delicious though, like a persimmon jelly, scooped up with a spoon.

Persimmons, ready and ripe.

Calbee has a limited-period series of potato chips with flavors representing all 47 prefectures in Japan. This is the Tokyo version, which they say is “tempura fried in sesame oil” flavored. The package says it was developed under the supervision of Kaminarimon Sansada, a 180 year old tempura restaurant in Asakusa.
My verdict on the flavor: I am not sure if I’d tasted this blind if I would get the tempura connection at all. 🤔 There is a slight sesame oil-like aftertaste though.

The thing to do with a bowl of shinmai (new harvest rice) and a happy egg from Saitama.

Yuzucha (yuzu tea), great on a chilly day.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, before the katsuobushi + aonori and after. With lashings of mayonnaise. 😁

The hand tied dried bamboo leaf wrapper around the kurimushi yokan in the previous photo. So perfect. From Kagizen Yoshifusa in Kyoto, one of my favorite wagashi makers.

Kurimushi yokan (steamed azuki bean jelly with chestnuts).

A special Funassyi Halloween edition of Black Thunder, my favorite chocolate covered cookie bar. ブラックサンダー ふなっしーバージョンなっしー

Decorative sidewalk tiles in Naka ward, Yokohama. (It was raining a bit.) This area is along the coastline.
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Breakfast accoutrements 😄.
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