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Mallory Garcia  First comes God. Northern California. Makeup educator and traveling makeup artist. Only the best bridal/anytime glam! Enjoy the open portfolio.

Email me for appointments, and pray for me because I start school again tonight 😜😘 gracias!

Mac studio fix fluid/ pro longwear concealer, set with @lauramercier translucent powder & mac mineralized pressed powders. Flawless skin for this MOH.

Simplicity for this gorgeous bridal glam, smoked out liner just enough to make this shadow pop. Karina, congratulations! You are a stunning bride.

I love them so fucking much❤️ #sf

2013/2017, with one little added bonus!!! She sure is happy about being part of the family!

Fall class is in session!
Come join me as I teach my fall Signature glam, a hands on makeup course that will take place @the_makeup_bar_ca located in Tracy, CA, on 09/17/17.
Tickets are $80, and all ticket sales will be made through @the_makeup_bar_ca
Please call, (209) 207-9022, or go in to purchase.
Work on yourself, or bring in a model.
This course will include:
-Blending techniques -Brow perfecting -Smoked out liner -Highlight & contour
-Bold lip
-How to perfectly set your makeup for all day/night wear
I'll see you all there! I'm excited, it's been a while!

Just P❤️

Left, I was probably about 150-155, pre 3rd baby. Now post 3rd baby at 133, (which I'm just saying because people ask) anyway this is what I'm doing.
I try to run every time I'm at the gym only a mile as fast as I can, then some more cardio for about 25 minutes. (Most days) then weights only because I know I have to incorporate them sometimes to build muscle, but I hate doing it so only do legs and ass 1-2 times a week, and there's a chance that I'll even skip that 😂
I also like hikes, and sometimes go for more heavy incline running around my neighborhood.
Eating* I do those fruit juices in the morning that you've seen on my story, so I burn off the sugar throughout the day, I snack when my body tells me I'm hungry, and we usually do clean dinners 6 times a week.
Green smoothies suck but I do them too, I'll post some more on my story. They're gross but hey I get it.
So bottom line for what I'm trying to get to, is hey shit like eating right is hard, I get it, I totally fucking understand, tell me about it. But you know what, we can prevent so many illnesses/diseases with the way we eat and how we treat our bodies it's amazing, and so crazy why more of us don't eat clean. I'll tell you one thing tho I won't deprive myself of a cookie if I want it, because we gotta live too, and those moments of weakness happen and do not hate yourself for it, I just want to be healthy. Completely healthy, and thank God that I am. I want my kids to be healthy. And my husband, and I thank God that they are, I make them scarf down things they don't like but shit I'm doing it for their own good and I'm sticking to it as much as I can. Hopefully forever. Look we can die tomorrow, or we can live for a very long time, I want to make those years that I am here as healthy as I can possibly make them. It's no fun having to take meds if it could have been prevented, and no fun not being able to keep up with your kids! And dude, if you so happen to look better in your jeans while on this journey..... hey now! Titties is smaller tho now, I repeat you will lose them titties. Lol

Family time 😻

Daughter love ❤️

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