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Although Dalia's eyes remained shut, she still had life in her. Her mother laid her on the bed and both parents hoped for the worst. They both knew no sleep neither the taste of food as Dalia remained in that condition for the next 18 hours. They both kept starring at her as though waiting for her to breath her last.

At few minutes before 7:00pm, just before the evening prayers, Dalia's lips twitched and her eyelids fluttered. "Dalia, Dalia, please open your eyes, don't do this to us" said Yerima as he moved to grab her close to his chest. Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw her father's face looking down into hers. She clung tightly to him while her mother joined in the embrace.
They thought they would loose her. Their joy knew no bounds.

MAKE ROOM... Africa's biggest movie.

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Dalia's early years was not without its own attendant problems. She was always falling sick and no one in the village seemed to know the nature of her illness neither proffer a lasting cure.

On one of such episodes at only 20 months old, her parents thought she was going to die. Her breathing had become very erratic and her eyeballs sunk in. They gave her several medications but all to no avail. Yerima faced the wall as he couldn't bear to watch his only daughter die while Rafi held her in her arms wailing terribly and praying to God to save her only child.

Minutes later,Dalia shut her eyes.
MAKE ROOM... Africa's biggest movie

#makeroom #movie #film #cinema #bigmovie #africa
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It was no small joy Yerima knew as the midwife came out to announce the arrival of his baby girl. His joy new no bounds as he held the little slice of heaven in his hands. He had longed for this day all his life.

Yerima and his wife had been married for a while without a child. His wife, Rafi had been subjected to eating all sort of herbs just so that she could conceive and bear a child and at last, it seemed heaven finally smiled on them. Lifting the tiny creature up, he blurted out the name he had in mind: DALIA.

MAKE ROOM MOVIE... Africa's biggest movie

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Bulus grew up to be a strong, hardworking and compassionate young man but his curious nature did not wane, rather it intensified. He asked a lot of questions; who, why, where and what, he just wanted to be involved and know what was going on.

Although, the farm land bequeathed to them by their parents provided food for them and also afforded them the opportunity to sell some of the produce at the local market ;availing them some extra cash, Bulus still wanted to get a job. He spoke to his friend Goni who worked at the iron factory if he could talk to the boss on his behalf. The following week, Bulus resumed work at the factory and before long, he became a master at the craft, endearing him to his boss. He was also always willing to help out his colleagues at work and this made the boys love him.

Before leaving for the factory in the mornings, Bulus would wake up early to help his sister with the house chores and ensured she needed nothing while he was gone.

Make Room... Africa's biggest Movie.

#makeroom #movie #film #story #cinema

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*continued from yesterday*

As she continued in search of Bulus her heart raced faster and the tears became uncontrollable. Soon after, Bulus came running with the boys with so much excitement in his eyes.

Yanking him by the left arm, she found a dry short branch from the nearby tree and landed some strokes on his buttocks. Bulus cried hard and didn't even understand why he had to suffer such fate for wanting to enjoy himself as the other boys did.
As he grew, he understood better that his sister only wanted to protect him because he was all she had. Mama died years ago few months after he was born and Baba died a year after when he felt terribly ill from an unknown illness and there was neither facility nor funds to save his life.

Bulus proposed in his heart to do everything he could to take care of his sister; he greatly loved her. His love for her made him so protective such that he would physically combat all the guys who came lurking around her or anyone who tried to bully her. * To be continued tomorrow*

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He grew up in a small village in a very remote part of Northern Nigeria.

As early as age 4, Bulus displayed a very high level of curiosity such that one day, he secretly followed older boys in the neighborhood on an hunting game. He wanted to know what it really entailed and what made the boys giddy whenever they were allowed to go on hunting games.
Incidentally, the boys tarried longer than usual and Bulus was gone for hours leaving his only sister in a dilemma as she combed the entire yard in search of him. She moved from house to house in tears as she feared he might be lost.

Story continues tomorrow.

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BULUS is one of the many whose power of choice has been forcefully taken away. Yet he still sought to do good, but... MAKE ROOM MOVIE... AFRICA'S BIGGEST MOVIE.
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