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The wide open spaces of Oklahoma sure make for some good kite flying. Oh yeah, all that Oklahoma wind helps too! 💨🌪☀️🌈
More kite flying videos of all the kiddos in my IG stories. 😊

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, read this, heard my mother say this, etc….but kids grow up WAY TOO FAST!!! Especially those of the baby variety. 👶🏼 I find myself constantly reminding my babies to stop digging through the trash, playing in the toilet water, throwing their banana chunks off the high chair tray, and yes, to stop growing up so quickly. But dang it, once you take your eyes off of them for even a split second, they do all those things anyway! 😜

So even though I’ve been pleading with Max for the past 12 months to stay little, the little sneak somehow turned into a ONE year old on Monday! 😩 More birthday celebration and PICTURES over on the blog! 🎂🎁🎉 Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit #maxemmettj

Have you seen the FABRIC KNOT Hair Bows on my site? They’re quick to make...and so cute! Plus, I shared how to create 5 of Chloe’s favorite hairstyles that you can use these hair bows for.....but really, there are so many more!
Link in profile 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

Have you seen the new Nick Jr. show with your kids, called Sunny Day, about a young hair stylist? It includes real hairstyle tutorials to try...and my girls (especially Chloe) are loving it! More info about the show PLUS a FABRIC KNOT Hair Bow tutorial....AND how-to’s for some of our favorite hairstyles, over on the blog today!
Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit
Watch weekdays on #nickelodeon #ad #SunnyDay #nickjr @nickjr

Oh you guys....have you put a pair of these Harem-Style Leggings on your baby yet?? If’s time!! They are so roomy and stretchy and so perfect for those big diapered bums! 😊 Oliver, who’s 3, even wears them....but I especially love them for Max, who’s still not walking, and appreciates the freedom while he sprawls out on the floor, I’m sure! And because I made the pattern for for Max anyway....I’m sharing the template in his size, in case anyone needs it. (I show you how to create your own size too!)
Head on over to the blog for the full tutorial!
Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

These cute kidlets have been home 9 extra days from school....due to a massive teacher walk-out here in Oklahoma. It has been heartbreaking to learn how underfunded the classrooms in this state have been for so many years....especially down in the city and more rural communities. Last week (on day 4 of the walk-out), we headed to the Capitol, along with 30,000+ other people, and joined the rally cry to better fund the schools and teachers in this state. The crowds were massive, the energy was amazing and positive (I mean, hello, it’s a bunch of teachers!😂👊🏻)....and you know, my kids have learned so much about having a voice. (**I also could go on and on about the kindness of the human race. People are so good, deep down....which gives my heart so much hope. I have teared up so many times reading about money donated, time spent, help given, services offered....all for this one united cause.) The men and women who have taught Ellie, Connor, and Chloe since moving here...have been phenomenal and have made up the difference of what has been lacking. The fight with legislation isn’t over but the kids headed back to school today. And wouldn’t you know....those teachers and staff of our sweet school were up on that school roof, welcoming the kids back with SO MUCH L💛VE! #fundeducation #wesupportourteachers
(👈🏻Swipe left for more pics!)

Need a quick little dose of spring happiness for your front door?!?! This wreath only takes 15 minutes to put together!! Click on over the the blog and search “peony wreath”. 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

We just went on our first bike ride of the season yesterday and like always, I ended up carrying all the junk. The water, the snacks, and yeah....even the “treasures” my kids found along the way. 😂 But how perfect would this DIY HANDLEBAR BAG be to snap onto each of my kids’ they can carry their own stuff! 🎉 Crystal from @stitchedbycrystal made this for her little girl....and I’m in LOVE! It’s made from laminated cotton so it’s sturdy and water repellent but I also love that you can fold it over and secure it closed or fold down the edges and leave it open like a basket! Such a sweet design! 👌🏻Check our the blog for the full TUTORIAL!
Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

My oldest Ellie (who’s 11), was adamant about pulling a few pranks today. She put plastic wrap beneath the lid of Steve’s shampoo bottle, drew spiders on the toilet paper with a sharpie, and took batteries out of the remote and left a little “April Fool’s” note inside. Since today was Easter and plenty of other stuff was going on....I decided not to trick the kids like I normally do. But this girl was asking for it—and I couldn’t resist. So this evening, I set these highly coveted caramel Cadbury eggs (that I rarely share) out for the kids to have and said I changed my mind about giving them away to a friend....and said they could gobble them up!! Ellie’s reaction of shrieking and gasping was the best.....because I completely fooled her! Haha....don’t mess with the champion prankster. 😂😂😂👊🏻 #happyaprilfools #couldntresist ......
Swipe to the left to see other pranks I’ve pulled on my kids in years past. I don’t know why...but I get a kick out of this day! 🤣🤣🤣

So grateful this is true! Happy Easter friends! 💛
📷: @mormonchannel

Are you still trying to put Easter outfits together?! Or maybe you’ve got that covered but need a new tie for your little bubs in a particular color. Let me tell ya....making your own is pretty easy (and very satisfying)! Plus—-they make the cutest gifts!!! Check out Max in his new Easter tie over on the blog, that I made in less than an hour.....and whip up a few of your own! (The pattern comes in sizes 0-6 mos to 3T.)👌🏻👊🏻 ***Or if you have no desire to make a tie but want to see way too many pictures of a sweet and chubby little 10-month-old in his Easter outfit....hammin’ it up for the camera, come on over to the blog! 😂😂😂
Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

Max is almost 11 months old and I somehow forgot to ever make him a snuggly blanky. 😳 When I finally finished this Plus-Sign Minky blanket, he nuzzled his little face right in and snuggled the heck out of it! 😂💛 Plus, it’s self-binding, so it comes together SO quickly. (By the way, self-binding is magical, so if you’ve never tried it, it’s time!!). And those appliquéd plus signs are my favorite!! 👌🏻
Head on over to the blog for the tutorial....because every baby you know NEEDS one of these!
Click for link 👉🏻 @makeitandloveit

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