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My birthday last week was the most tragic of wash-outs: Tim away, labour booked for the next day, so ill I couldn't move or get out of bed. Today these loves gave me a do-over, and it made me SO happy.

I am one of those who can only function for so long without routine. Today we are bathed, and dressed, and I have sorted like a WHIRLWIND, and put some bread on, and I feel like I've come back to myself.
Look at that sunshine. Happy Saturday 🌺

You guys, I'm so sorry, but I am well on the way to being totally obsessed with this baby.
Promise I'll take a photo of something else soon? Cool.

'I think she really likes me!' Yeah, she does, kid. Or she will. (He is being wonderful with her, pretty awful with everything else. Change is hard when you're five...or, you know, always.)

T i r e d 😴
Literally can't keep a thought in my head. Thank you for the lovely messages that continue to arrive - they are SO much appreciated.

'I think she's hungry'.
'Yeah, I'm just leaving her in the light a bit longer'.
'No, I'm sorry, you need to feed her now'.

I hoped they'd be excited; turns out they are hilariously, giddily over the moon about her, and it's the BEST.

On the one hand, desperate to get home, see the boys and settle in. On the other, spending time with a new baby and Gilmore Girls binges, bed rest, 3am kindle-reading and school custard for dinner ain't bad. The custard is still delicious even though rationally you know it's gross, FYI, though I might just be hallucinating from lack of sleep.

Thanks so much for all your lovely messages. We are happy 😊

This little bird came to join us yesterday evening. Say hello to Imogen Carolyn Yvonne Jeffcoat, named for both her grandmothers and our newest little love 🌺

Cherry trees at St Paul's. Is that the most Mary Poppins thing you've ever seen, or what?
We had the crappiest of days yesterday (cut our trip middle-of-the-night short after baby signs appeared, spent hours in hospital, baby changed its mind and now seems determined to stay in here f o r e v e r) but this morning I am thinking: how would Mary Poppins deal with this? She'd blooming get on with it in a snazz red necktie, that's how. So fetch my necktie. Monday is HAPPENING.

Man holds my handbag; studies art. Between this and Ryan Gosling tap dancing this afternoon it's been a good day for a woman with eyes 👀❤️

London's being real good to us today 🌇

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