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Little additions to the family

Stuff you will find this weekend at our flash days @ Cable Studios in Limehouse w
Slots available both Saturday & Sunday flash from Β£30
#handpoke #tattoo

A little tent on @kesterga

Tattooed SOME very important words ON THE arm of a dude LOL

Shapes from history of art

Placements for stuff that I really would be stoked to tattoo
LONDON * Free time next week hmu

I’m back in London and will be tattooing from next week! I kinda missed it πŸ™ƒ
#stickandpoke #handpoke #machinefree #qttr #tattoo #londontattoo #tatouage #xoymtaty #tttism

Always Uncool on @northerncloud πŸ–€

Picsart is my religion

Overlapping some explosions I did a while ago. I hate feet they look so much nicer with some tattoos distracting! Lol

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