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Make It Your Own 🍁  Creative activities for kids

Have you been participating in the @steamkidschallenge 5 day challenge? My kids have been loving the ideas- particularly these colour mixing volcanoes! And the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are clearly explained so you can teach your child in the process!

Next month we will be leading a program for kids on Magic and Imagination, so we have been finalizing all of the projects and wanted to share this potential one with you, creating a fairy out of found and nature objects! (You could go with whatever topic your child is interested in.) How’s summer been treating you? Have you been enjoying your sprinkler, gone camping, dipped your toe in a lake or two? We’d love to hear about your summer adventures thus far!

Popsicle gift tags and some sage advice as to where to source your cards for scrape painting from! 😉

We are so excited to participate in SEW a SOFTIE, an initiative of Trixi Symonds of @colouredbuttons (You can see the projects on her feed) where every day in July sites around the world provide a tutorial for you and your child to try together, varying in complexity! 🦋 This year we decided decided to go with a felt butterfly with wings that you can design yourself! We’d love to see what you come up with! 💛 *Free template on our site*

We embroidered a drawing based on the non-fiction book “How to Survive as a Firefly” by @theinnovationpress. This year my son learned embroidery in art in school on paper and he extended this onto fabric, by creating a pillow of his own creation!

Yay- we are finally on summer holidays! How’s your summer been? 💙 Here’s a project that up-cycles old or ripped jeans and turns them into a beautiful wall hanging! (My little guy made this for his beloved teacher 🧡)

Sew A Softie starts July 1st and is a month long of simple-to-sew softie tutorials organized by Trixi of @colouredbuttons! Each day a different crafty account will post an idea (and often a pattern) for a softie to sew with your children! I’ll list all the sites participating in the comments section and hope that you will join in with #sewasoftie for this community building initiative of Trixi’s that is perfect for a summer holiday project! 💜

Recently I had the pleasure to float into a new decade and what a decade the last one was! Lots of glorious changes and additions and some some sad things too, but when the decade closed, I was so lucky to be surrounded by such love and from what I hear, your 40s are amazing, so I can’t wait! 💙 I just wanted to give a virtual 😘 to the loveliest of friends who sure know how to make a gal feel special! From @justinemadesign (she made that cake topper!) who threw a birthday BBQ complete with this spectacular @theartofcakeyeg, to my sisters👯‍♀️ and husband 💗 who threw a surprise party that my childhood pal flew in for during her busiest time of the year 💕, a handmade gift from a friend with a kindred spirit, video messages from Toronto and sweets, surprises and the gorgeous florals from my friends far away and love from my insta mates! (These gorgeous paper flowers are from @theflowercraftshop via @hellowonderful_co!). THANK YOU! (And I mean that in a loud, joyful happy voice!) 💙Bonnie-

COLLAGRAPH PRINT: A collagraph is made when you draw an idea, cut the components out of a material such as styrofoam or craft foam, glue them to a plate (cardboard sheet), apply ink and make copies. You can use other objects to glue to the plate once you have mastered the idea and get quite creative for a similar take in the process. We made ours with a Under the Sea theme based in the book, “How to Survive a Shark” from @theinnovationpress which is both informative and humorous, but you could go with any theme that appeals to you! (See the full details and tips on our site) 💙

Not long left of school and the kids are dreaming of the beach! This is the perfect way to up-cycle a plastic lid into something to play with! You could go with any theme that your child is into- if they like bulldozers, create a pit with pebbles surrounding instead. Go with the excitement they have and be sure to make one yourself-too often we lose that time to experiment, play and create as adults. 💗

Happy Father’s Day! All my heart snuggled up on that hammock right there. ❤️

Our 4 year old has been in LOVE with this new book: STEAM: Play & Learn our by the friendly, approachable and creative Ana Dziengel of @babbledabbledo! As you can see he has already tried 3 projects from it and we have gotten the supplies for several more once summer holidays start for us! When a four year old can’t put a book down, you know you truly have a hit! It is filled with 20 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math projects for Preschoolers, varying in complexity, but really the book appeals to the whole family and could easily be used in the classroom. While laid out in a clear, colourful manner, it also explains the concepts behind the ideas. Hands-on learning was my favourite way to teach and one that I thought was both most memorable and meaningful for students and this is a great way to get your little one curious, setting the stage for a lifetime of inquiry and playful exploration! 👩🏻‍🔬 👨🏽‍🔬

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