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Natasha Mak ♡  ▷ ZERO FUCKS GIVEN † x.// Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve † - Tweet me @makcuiwen


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▷ 15.09.2017 †

Vivre Libre ou Mourir


▷ 08.09.2017 †

Throwback with the class bully during our secondary school days

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别隐瞒 对我说


▷ 22.08.2017 †


Yours Sincerely,

P.S./ See you soon bro

▷ 12.08.2017 †

不要再說 或許這是最好的結果
現在分手 總好過你不愛我一拖再拖
鬆開你的手 離開你左右
我向前走 這會是我 真正的解脫


▷ 05.08.2017 †

You may die in your own hands but never in a guy's hands


▷ 01.08.2017 †

Did a cluster lash at shop 'V' (not gonna name out the shop) last month and they did a horrible job. I can feel the lashes poking my eyelids the moment it was done and their lashes are damn hard like as if i can just cut some falsies into smaller pieces and extend them myself. Not forgetting, the glue that they used smells like elephant glue but instead, its black in colour.

Went to shop 'V' twice to do different cluster lashes. My friends recommended them to me bt i dont think i will go back there to get my lashes done ever again.

Other than these 2 horrible clusters lashes at shop 'V', i've only been to @dreamlashkorea to get my lashes done. Upon removing the previous cluster lashes, she mentioned that my lashes are damn damaged and that many of my own eyelash has dropped and there are holes in between my eyelashes. 😭 (You may go to dreamlash's Instagram or Facebook page to see how horrible it was)

Thanks to Rachel from dreamlash, she totally fixed the holes of my damaged eyelashes with so much patience with these "Super Shadow Lash" 😍it may look thick but it feels extremely light and soft as tho they're part of my real lashes! They nvr fail to impress me with their lashes and allows me to wake up beautiful all the time!

What's special about "Super Shadow Lash" is, it looks thick with a tint of brown at the end of the lashes which i've already got a few friends complimenting it, and the curl is 😍

Thank you Rachel once again for saving my damaged hopeless lashes!


▷ 26.07.2017 †

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along


▷ 24.07.2017 †

I've got your back, always 😘

Cash us ousside how bow dah?

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#iloveyoubro 👊🏻

▷ 19.07.2017 †

至少你懂我的心 会在想你


▷ 12.07.2017 †

Not gonna play along with your life dramas, i'm more than glad to be on my own


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