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Makani Nalu  Gypsying around the world🌏Causing inspiration is my motivation✨Cast of MTV's Stranded🏝🤙🏽Inquiries📬

I just wanna make art together🎨

night flyer,
I heard you singing to moon
in the universe's choir.

Sitting here,
I see clear:
all the people buzzing,
their agendas oh, so dear.
A 9 to 5, an apple to buy,
a homeless man
they can't look in the eye.
A flat to collapse,
an office to stack.
Controlled by a concept
made-up and abstract.

Ain't about the battle of who can care less🌼

There's a fire in your eyes🔥

Living my dreams,
far-fetched as that seems.
Who was it that told you
what you can't be?
When did someone laugh
at the light inside your eyes-
blowing on your candlelight
with jealousy, despise.
When you feel your candle flicker,
don't stay just to be strong.
Some winds will really tear apart the sail you've worked hard on.
Take your light away from those
angered by your strength.
There lives a people I have found
that just want you to be brave.

Drape me in your energy🔮


Got me feelin something🥀

If you don't know now you know✨📖👐🏽

I sell seashells by the seashore 🐚 🌊

Don't look at me that way🌸

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