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jessie Albarn rose /Maka  I'm a 11 yr old that lives with my brother our family is gone dont have a mom or dad irl have 2 dogs Bf:rex_the_assassin Bday: February 15

Maka:Let me go you rapist

Maka:eyes widen *

Eyes widen *doesn't make a sound*says in head*help me soul!!

Me eariler I live toyko Japan I'm 11 I be turning 11 February 15 I'm smart I love my brother kasic and my dogs Riley and molly I consider myself a 11 yrs I love my brother he takes good care of me and loves anime like I do I like music games and more I enjoy watching soul eater and romantic animes

Holding sythe *blood on self *you don't see anything

Gn souly

Sleeps on souls shoulder *

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