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If you never had to struggle to be heard
You haven't lived in a woman's world⚡️🌹 @majanilssonlindelof 🌹⚡️

She taught me love.
She taught me patience.
How she handles pain.
God, she’s amazing. ♡ @majanilssonlindelof

She kills me. Every. Damn. Time. 🌹 @majanilssonlindelof

And my friends said “I know you love her, but it’s over mate. It doesn’t matter, it’s never easy to walk away, let go, it’ll be alright”♡ @majanilssonlindelof

'I woke up like this, flawless' @majanilssonlindelof

Beautiful, beautiful angel 😇 @majanilssonlindelof

I don't think you notice, I don't think you care
I don't think you notice
So what's the point of wearing that then if you never notice?⚡️☆ @majanilssonlindelof

We’re all so excited for you♥️⚡️ @majanilssonlindelof

She’s beauty, she’s grace⚡️🌹 @majanilssonlindelof

She’s the prettiest I’ve ever seen💅🏼 @majanilssonlindelof

Man, I feel like Cleopatra, Joan Of Arc, Queen of Hearts🃏♥️ @majanilssonlindelof

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