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Propic By @koreandruglord  Hiya! Art Trades: not ATM||Commissions: soon 😉 My OCs are: Bubbly, Evoleen and Erin FAtag: #maiufanart Can I get 2.8k by 2015?

Eey there children! If you want to enter a pony games, go to @pony.games_ and enter! The districts will be up soon! It's hosted by my NEW MAIN ACCOUNT @mini.kiwii


This is my last post on here forever! If you want to see me post art, go to @maiu_10! Because that's my new account for ART!

I AM NOT GOING TO ALLOW ANY OF YOU FOLLOWERS TO SEE THE SLIGHTEST SHIT OF MY ART BECAUSE IM SWITCHING ACCOUNTS! XD sorry, it's just that people keep following this account and I'm just like "can you not?" Because I'm not gunna post anymore art here!

Go follow @maiu_10 @maiu_10 @maiu_10 @maiu_10 @maiu_10 not @maiu_12! Follow @maiu_10 !

@/koreandruglord's BEAUTIFULhalf of our art trade! Hnggg! Bubbly!! <333333333 •

Any new followers: I am switching accounts! No more art of mine will be posted on this account! If you are here for art, go to @maiu_10

Like, what the actual fuck? It is now 10:30 in the night for me and we are just now leaving our lake house and my mom is all like: "it will probably be around 2:30 am when we get home so you guys will probably only have about three hours of sleep before school". She won't even let me go in late to school, I'm gonna be so pissed tomorrow.. 😒 like, can you not?

(Picture from a while ago when I went to the zoo with my friend)

So I'm leaving my lake house today (those of you who have been following me for long enough know that I have a lake house that I visit over the summer). But today I'm leaving it for good. My family is basically getting evicted from the lake house because 1) the person we were renting it from found out we had animals in the house (which we weren't supposed to) and 2) because the owner of the house wants to sell it. So I'm leaving it today and never coming back 😔 and I don't know why I'm so sad but I am. It's really like moving from your house. It's really sad for me, to know ill never come back. So... Yeah, just thought I'd say.... •

Don't forget to follow my new account @maiu_10

*clears throat* ahem! May I have your attention please? I am, over the next few weeks, going to be transferring over to my new account, @maiu_10. "But that's ur current account, idiot!" Uh... As of two seconds ago, it is not XD I am now @maiu_12 because I wish to keep my username when I move over to this new account. •

Some of you might remember me talking about doing this once or twice, but it took me a while to decide what I wanted to do. •

This new account is going to be private for a month or so, making it easier to keep away future ghost followers. That is one of the reasons I'm switching, to get rid of ghost followers. •

So that's basically it. Thanks for listening! Now if you could head over there and follow that account instead I would be very grateful! :)

I got bored. •-• •

I'm doing Twi for my other drawing.

My half of an ArtTrade with @koreandruglord! :D I hope it's ok!

My entry for #pearlshinecontest •-• yup. Her mane folds behind her neck and feeds into the big ponytail (?) on the other side of her head. The little strand that feeds out of the tail is dark grayish blue :)

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