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Maiti Hunter  I now walk into the wild🌲Linfield XC and Track '20🏃🏻

As a child, I was wonder eyed but I'm an arrow in a bow

Seasons changing, but then again so am I ( I'm missing the weather so much rn )

Study Abroad has been too kind to me, and I'm always going to look back fondly at all the memories I've made here. This was the hardest goodbye I've ever had to say💕

If we ever became the things we lost/the things we left behind/I would wish for the past/when we were pure (Two more days in paradise ?!)

Oh mystery, how you touched me with your eyes (Trying to forget I have a final exam I need to study for)

We're soaring, flying, there's nothing in heaven that we can't reach🤙🏻

Zoinks! (Movie World was wonderful)

I've seen it all/It's poetry, it's poetry, it's close to gold

You know they say you only graduate uni once

Dancing man, dancing till the lights come on (I'm going to miss these people)

Old as I get I could never forget it at all (I am going to miss this place)

Lilac and willow to sweeten the air (Can I go back to Melbourne ?)

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