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MOTO  Maisha Outreach Therapy Organisation (MOTO). Bringing rehabilitation and advocacy for long-term conditions and disability to East and Southern Africa.


Communication and collaborative working are key to our working being a success. We work closely alongside local partner organisations to make sure our messages are clear, and that our work is appropriate, and effective for the community we work in. Is there any other way to bring about positive change?
Here is Peter from our partner organisation Umunthu Foundation, speaking about disability, and rehabilitation therapies.
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Are you a pioneer? Can you think on your feet? Do you want to be at the forefront of an exciting new initiative?
Our working is expanding and so is our team! We are looking for the following voluntary roles, all to be based remotely in the UK. The roles are:

1x Project Manager, remotely overseeing volunteers, partner organisation relationship, and project progress and development on one of our projects.
1 x MEL advisor

1 x Volunteer Training Coordinator
We will also have upcoming overseas positions too. Please message us for more detail!
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Occupations are the activities we need to do, and want to do. Malawi-based artist @annemariequinn is a keen supporter of @maishaot. She says “while living here in Malawi, my occupation is being inspired by this wonderful, noisy, colourful, part of the world and to try to capture the culture through songwriting. It is so important to enjoy and value what you do, and I can see first hand being here in East Africa just how much pride Malawians take in their work. It has definitely reminded me to make the most of not only being able to work, but to work in something that is my passion. So many Malawians will never be in a position to peruse their passion, which is what reminds me every day to be grateful that I am able to spend my time writing, recording and performing and to never take it for granted”
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We sing, we dance, we work together to change lives. The ladies of Umunthu Foundations home-based care programme can do all these things!
Today our MOTO volunteer worked alongside Umunthu Foundation (our partner) to deliver a presentation on disability, rehabilitation, and occupational therapy. What better way to keep everyone alert and motivated than to sing? And what could be more fitting than a song about working together?
#moto #malawi #volunteer #africa #rehabilitation #occupationaltherapy #homebasedcare #togetherwecan

Our activities include awareness raising about what occupational therapy is, and who can benefit from it.
Are you a registered rehabilitation therapy specialist? An OT, physio, or SALT? We want to hear from you! An adventure awaits in Malawi. Contact us now!
#malawi #rehabilitation #occupationaltherapy #volunteering #moto

Laura has had a busy first week! Not only has she been getting to grips with cooking Malawian staple nsima (ugali for Kiswahili followers!), but she has braved the minibuses, travelled the community, met key stakeholders, and joined our second Malawian stakeholders (Sandi Rehab) on their outreach programme! Well done Laura!
Like what you see? You can volunteer with us too! Just message us to find out more!
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It’s #WorldAidsDay! Did you know occupational therapists can play a crucial role in supporting people with long term conditions?
Here is our MOTO-UMUNTHU team in Blantyre, at a fantastic World Aids Day event today ❤️ #moto #malawi #Ot #occupationaltherapy #volunteer

Team dinner in Blantyre! Laura is on her orientation. Living and working in a new country can be challenging. At MOTO we encourage our hosting partners to provide orientation in the first week, to help settle our volunteers in.
#malawi #volunteer #moto #ocuupationaltherapy #globalhealth

Dreams do come true! @therapymakesadifference has arrived safely, having been met by David Odali (director of Umunthu Foundation). Here they are outside the Umunthu Guesthouse, where we place our volunteers. What a team!
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And she’s off! Laura (@therapymakesadifference ) is flying tonight and we couldn’t be more excited.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the incredible support we have received in the last year since MOTO was founded in a coffee shop between two high school friends. Without you all, we would never have found someone as brave and passionate as Laura to pioneer our first project. You have made this happen!
Laura! You embody “moto wa maisha” (how do you say that in Chichewa?!) and we can’t wait to see you ignite that in the community. Very grateful and proud!
On instagram? You can follow Laura on @therapymakesadifference to see her journey through pictures!
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Today MOTO’s Deputy Director Kate met up with our lovely volunteer Laura! Laura will be flying out to Malawi to volunteer for four months for MOTO alongside our partner organisation, Umunthu. She will be working on building relationships with our partners and within local communities, carrying out vital research and using her knowledge and experience as a qualified OT to work on both existing and new projects. We are so excited to have Laura on board and look forward to what will come from her time volunteering with MOTO! Give a big shout out to the wonderful Laura. #moto #maishaoutreachtherapyorganization #motowamaisha #fireoflife #internationaldevelopment #developmentwork #occupationaltherapy #globalhealth #healthcare #volunteering #malawi

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