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MOTO  Maisha Outreach Therapy Organisation (MOTO). Bringing rehabilitation and advocacy for long-term conditions and disability to East and Southern Africa.


We are very proud to be promoting British-Tanzanian artist KEAngelidesart, who currently has some beautiful pieces for sale with 10% of proceeds going to our work at #MOTO. Katharine Angelides currently lives in London, but has lived the majority of her life in Tanzania, where her passion for painting emerged. Inspired by the vibrancy of the country, her paintings are unique, emotive, playful and bursting with colour - much like herself! Katharine is generously contributing to MOTO, understanding first hand what a difference access to quality health services can make to a community. She also recognises the therapeutic nature of creating artwork, which we are sure all #occupationaltherapists will appreciate. We will be posting available paintings shortly. Thanks Katt!
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Director and Co-director's Judy and Kate having a quick FaceTime meeting! We live in separate cities and both have pretty busy schedules so a lot of our communication is done via email/phone between each other and our lovely partners in Malawi and Tanzania. Thank god for technology! Working hard on future fundraising plans and organising volunteer projects for our lovely new OT volunteer Laura! #maishaot #motowamaisha #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy #outreachtherapy #healthcare #globalhealth #nonprofit #internationaldevelopment #sustainableliving #sustainability

Good luck to our project officer Johnson, who is starting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro today! We wish you all the best!
Having the ability to carry out the activities you want as well as the activities you need to do is an important part of life. Choice, and independence are essential to wellbeing. Johnson is lucky enough to be fit enough to live his dream of climbing Kili, but many people in Tanzania are limited both through disability and illness, and through poverty. At MOTO we believe we can provide a service that will help people in that situation, and together with our partner in Moshi, we aim to start doing this in the near future.
#tanzania #kilomanjaro #project #outreach #volunteer #volunteering #occupationaltherapy #ot

Say hello to Laura!
Laura is our pioneer! She has generously chosen to devote some time to working in Malawi, to help us start the foundations of our outreach programme. It was delightful talking to you Laura, and we at MOTO are very grateful and excited to have you on board!
#volunteer #malawi #project #volunteering #moto #ot #outreach #positivechanges

Our team (as small as it is!), is off for a week now. Please excuse any delay in communication due to this! Asante sana!

Day 5 of why YOU should support MOTO!
People serving prison sentences in Malawi face sub-standard living conditions. Many have been sentenced for short sentences, but remain detained for months or even years longer than necessary. Many are sentenced for minor crimes, or placed in prison due to mental illness. Inmates face overcrowding, poor nutrition, spread of communicable disease, limited access to healthcare, and inadequate rehabilitation support. For inmates living with illness or disability, a short prison sentence can sometimes mean a death sentence. Please see this enlightening Guardian article.

Through it's local partner, the Umunthu Foundation, MOTO hopes to be one of the few organisations to work with an occupational therapy perspective with inmates in Malawi. This is pioneering work, that could make significant difference to the lives of inmates, and contribute to advocacy for the human rights of those sentenced in Malawi. YOU could help this initiative become a reality by donating now.


#malawi #prisonreformnow #humanrights #occupationaltherapy #OT #positivechanges #nonprofitorganization #nonprofit

Day 4 of reasons why you should support MOTO!

It has been widely recognised that if people with long-term conditions can be managed effectively in the community though rehabilitation, education and support- they should be enabled and empowered to enjoy a great quality of life, while reducing the need for acute hospital admissions.

MOTO aims to support advocacy and rehabilitation work by partnering up with established organisations in Malawi and Tanzania who are running current projects, as well as building relationships with existing healthcare services to create further rehabilitation programmes, based on local need.

Interested in helping us to support projects, conduct research and build further rehabilitation programmes? Simply click on the link below and help us on our journey by donating as little (or as much!) as you'd like!

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/motostartup #rehabilitation #outreachprogram #outreachtherapy #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy #alliedhealth #internationaldevelopment #longtermconditions #notforprofit #nonprofit #nonprofits #nonprofitorganization #volunteering #healthcare #globalhealth #health #positiveliving #positivity #empowerment #advocate #support #world #beautifulworld #tanzania #malawi

Day 3 of reasons you should support MOTO!

MOTO has partners in Blantyre (Malawi) and Moshi (Tanzania). In 2009, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists reported that there were only 65 practising occupational therapists in Tanzania, and less in Malawi. Whilst this number has increased, it is essential that more people have access to rehabilitation therapies like OT and Physio therapy to promote sustainable health and wellbeing in these communities. By supporting MOTO, you will be supporting more access to these services, providing life changing healthcare for people living with injury, disability or chronic illness.
Like what you see? Why not donate?

#malawi #tanzania #positivechanges #disability #nonprofitorganization #nonprofit #tanzania #healthcare #globalhealth #africa #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy

Day 2 of reasons why YOU should support MOTO!

The World Health Organisation reports that around 15% of the world's population have some sort of disability. That's over a billion people! People with disabilities have LESS access to healthcare service.. meaning over a billion people (In this category alone!) have unmet healthcare needs.

Here at MOTO we aim to bridge the gap by advocating on behalf of people living with disability. By working alongside local communities, healthcare providers and existing organisations we hope to challenge the views surrounding disability, to educate, empower and learn from each other!
To help us on our journey and find out more, click on the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/motostartup #outreachtherapy #healthcare #internationaldevelopment #malawi #tanzania #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapy #positivity #alliedhealth #worldhealthorganization #worldhealth #empowerment #education #advocates

This week we are posting reasons why YOU should support MOTO!
Although MOTO is based in the UK, we work exclusively with partner organisations from communities our outreach services will serve. We believe our collaborative approach is essential to the sustainability of our work, and placing local voices at the heart of what we do helps us provide a service that is both wanted and needed.

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Thank you to our first anonymous donor!
This week we will be posting one reason why you should think about supporting MOTO each day, even though we can think of a million.
It may seem like a lot, but you will be amazed how far we will make it go. We are looking for money to cover basic start up costs, overseas registration requirements, create promotional materials, and to fund our needs assessments. We are in the process of searching for grants, and planning fundraising, but we receive any donations with huge appreciation. .
#positivechanges #disability #nonprofitorganization #nonprofit #volunteer #volunteering #occupationaltherapy #tanzania #malawi

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