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Mairlyn Smith  Second City Alum Cookbook Author Peace, Love & Fibre ~ Best Seller Regular Guest Expert @cityline & @bttoronto Order Peace Love & Fibre ⬇️

Spent the morning with my baby sister @smithfairweather ~ we did the Smith Classic tour of Vancouver, Stanley Park, walked part of the sea wall, drove around the beaches, went to #GoFish a fish stand across from Granville Island for the BEST FISH and CHIPS, drove to Spanish Banks and through my old stomping grounds #UBC and then to @butterbakedgoods then back to my hotel. So loved just talking and laughing all afternoon.
Tonight is an event with some of my peeps from @foodbloggersca and tomorrow I’m on @bt_vancouver 💜 love being back in my hometown
#booktour #stanleypark #sisters #meandmysister #vancouver #peaceloveandfibre #mairlynsmith

And every so often, you have to post a cheese porn picture!
This is my Skillet Enchilada (yes there’s fibre in it) from my cookbook #peaceloveandfibre and was one of the five dishes that was served at a workshop I taught last night.
To see the cookies my class baked, okay they were way bigger than they were supposed to be, and the chocolate brownie bites were slightly burnt (I strongly dislike convection ovens) swipe ⬅️ but they all tasted fabulous.
Thanks to all the lovely people who were there, thank you for your instastories, thank you for all the laughter and the love.
Thank you @ellenpruden and @jeniferdyck for being brilliant women who inspire me to be better.
Thank you @erin.macgregor for being a wonderfully inclusive RD. You made me cry last night.
Thank you @andreabuckettcooks for following my recipes to a T ~ they looked perfect and thank you for your support.
Thank you @brandandbuzz for a super event.
And thank you @canolaeatwell for believing in fibre!
Here’s to eating more fibre everyday one recipe at a time.

Eking out me time is good for the heart and soul.
I give myself at least 10 minutes every morning just for me. That simple act of drinking tea in my garden and counting my blessings sets the tone for my day. It keeps me grounded and that positive thinking begets more positivity into my life.
Me time is not selfish, it’s necessary.
This morning on my Instagram Live I talked about the importance of me time.
It’s a short video in my Secret Garden.
If you want to watch the replay click on my instastory and then click Live on the bottom right.
Here’s to gratitude and the power being thankful has on our hearts.
Wishing you peace, love and fibre.

Oh the perils of drinking tea outside in my Secret Garden....spilt tea.
What’s that saying? Don’t cry over spilt milk...I might have to revamp that saying for all the tea lovers out there.
Here’s the thing, life is not perfect, so why should every picture be?
Life is messy, chaotic, disorderly and thrilling and so is my garden.
My Secret Garden is a mishmash of broken dishes too pretty to throw away, wind chimes, logs and plants from my mom’s and my grandma’s gardens.
It’s jumbled and wild and magical and full of whimsy.
My garden is an extension of my life and it brings me solitude and joy.
Perfectly imperfect.

As a tea lover and the Queen of Fibre I’ve got some exciting news!
To celebrate the release of my new book Peace, Love and Fibre @appetite_randomhouse I’m partnering with @BrevilleCanada to give away one of their awesome Compact Tea Makers, and a signed copy of my book!
To enter: share a photo on Instagram showing off how you bring peace, love and/or fibre into YOUR life, and tag @MairlynSmith, @BrevilleCanada and #PeaceLoveandFibreContest.
*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Residents of Canada (excluding Quebec), 18+. ‪Ends June 2, 2019‬. See official rules at #partnership

Rhubarb and Strawberries collide in an explosion of flavour in my Rhubarb Crumble with Strawberries and Ginger ~ swipe to see the finished dish served in a tea cup!
I bought the rhubarb at my farmers market @eyfarmersmarket yesterday @thamesrivermelons
But I’ve been eyeing my neighbour’s looks awesome, but it’s not quite ready.
The strawberries, wait for it, are local too. Yes, the Ontario Greenhouse Industry totally rocks.
@delfrescopure grow Yes!Berries and I’ve been a fan of their strawberries that taste like summer since I first discovered them last year.
Thrilled they asked me to partner with them after my Breakfast TV segment.
Join me tonight over on my Facebook Fan page Mairlyn.smith at 8 pm EDT I’ll be making the crumble Live, drinking tea and I’ve got a giveaway from @brevillecanada it’s a Compact Tea Maker and a signed copy of Peace, Love and Fibre @appetite_randomhouse
I feel like a big girl! A partnership and a giveaway! Oh, my!

Cue the fireworks it’s Farmers Market Season! 💥💥💥And I love my local farmers market @eyfarmersmarket
Oh, how I love buying fresh local produce and getting to know the people who are growing my food.
I support local as much a I can, and when I say local I mean here in Ontario and then across Canada.
I’m never giving up chocolate or pineapples or avocados, to name a couple... ~ so I’ll buy those wonderful foods from other countries.
But given the choice between Canadian asparagus and imported, I’m picking Canadian.
Today’s treasures were asparagus, rhubarb from @thamesrivermelons , peppers (greenhouse grown) Honeycrisp apples and our favourite bread from @stjohnsbakery
Eat seasonally and enjoy all the foods we grow, raise and produce in Ontario and Canada.
I’m going to be making my Rhubarb Crumble with Strawberries and Ginger on Facebook Live tomorrow night at 8 pm EDT on my Facebook Fan page Mairlyn.smith

Let’s talk about yesterday.....
I was hoping that by changing my attitude from sad to grateful on Mother’s Day, it would help me cope on my first Mother’s Day without my mom. It ended up changing the face of the entire day.
Meeting and getting hugs from 200 fans and supporters plus signing 100 copies of Peace, Love & Fibre @Springridgefarm helped a whole lot too! There is something powerful in a hug given and received. Thank you everyone at @springridgefarm for all the work you put into making the event so successful.
@jesselauzon gave me one of his jadeite cups and saucers, that helped. It’s from his amazing collection.
People brought me gifts and cards and I was so touched. My heart swelled three sizes at least. I put them in my instastory 💜
Thank you to all the people who came out yesterday and for all the love you gave me, it helped me through the day and going forward.
Here’s to more peace love and fibre in our lives.
There are 10 signed copies @springridgefarm waiting to go home to your house....just say’n
Sidebar: I’ve worn this dress (swipe to see) a bunch of times and people are asking where I got it, I’m feeling all diva-esque, no one asks me that! It’s from @freshcollective

This is my first Mother’s Day without her.
The first Mother’s Day that I didn’t pick out a card and mail it early so I’d know she’d get it before the weekend.
The first Mother’s Day I didn’t send her flowers.
The first Mother’s Day I won’t be calling her to wish her a wonderful day and tell her I love her.
They say the firsts are always the hardest, but I don’t think Mother’s Day will ever be the same.
A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to re-invent Mother’s Day.
Instead of being grief stricken that she’s not here, I was going to celebrate her.
Then I talked with my dear friend @zahavasb this morning and she read me something from Thich Nah Hahn who said our mothers are in the air we breath, they are in our hearts, they are in the eyes of our children. They are all around us
I know that in my heart, but hearing it from her made a difference, so, I’ve decided to be gentle with myself today.
I made a pot of tea and I used my mom’s china and I’m going to be grateful for her.
I’m going to be grateful for my son who made me a mother. Bless his heart.
I’m going to be grateful that I gave him strong roots and wings.
I’m going to grateful for the women in my life who mother me.
I’m going to be grateful for every person who gives me a hug today.
And I will be grateful for the life my mother gave me.
Gratitude seems a better choice than sadness.
If I cry, I cry, but these tears will not be grief tears they will be tears of gratitude.
To all of you who are motherless today, be gentle and kind with yourself. Hold yourself with tenderness and keep walking forward with me. We can do this.
The tea cup was my mom’s, the flowers are from my son 💜💜💜

Mother’s Day is tomorrow and if you need a last minute gift, go buy your mom my new cookbook Peace, Love and Fibre and give her the gift of health.
I’m so proud of this cookbook and its messages about health and wellness.
And as I write this I’m a weepy mess. Losing my mom in October has been beyond hard.
Grief isn’t linear. Just when you think you’ve got it something happens to bring you to your knees.
This week has been bittersweet. I’m so thrilled my book is doing so well, but not being able to share the goods news with her sucks.
She would have loved hearing about all the messages I’ve been getting about the tea cup pictures in the book. She would have loved it!
And the blurb I wrote about her and her Matrimonial Squares....she would have loved that too.
I wish she was here to share this with.
It’s the first time in my life I haven’t had her here to enjoy something big that has happened in my life, and it just sucks.

So about last night....
It was a book launch to end all book launches in the gorgeous @benmcnallybooks bookstore on Bay Street.
There were friends, family, colleagues, dear hearts, kindred spirits, food lovers, and fibre supporters.
There was love and laughter and wine and cookies and strawberries.
There were shenanigans ~ the book signing line was so long @derek.selby signed his own book with my name! I’m still giggling.
There were pictures and Instagram posts and Instastories.
There was a crazed Facebook Live, one attempt, one successful go.
It was eclectic and loving and it filled me with such gratitude.
We had so much fun, and then we got kicked out of the bookstore for staying way too late! As in almost 2 hours too late.....I’ve never been kicked out of a bookstore before, another first.
My book is officially out in the world, and if you can’t find it, ask for it,
If the online people say it won’t come for months, don’t believe them, it means it sold out and they are ordering more.
You need this cookbook.
I believe in the long game, to live a long and healthy life we need fibre and Peace, Love & Fibre is the cookbook to help you navigate the fibre waters.
Big thanks to everyone who came out and laughed and cried with me, the @appetite_randomhouse team, @jacksontriggs for the wine and @delfrescopure for their greenhouse grown Ontario Yes!Berries strawberries.
I will never forget last night.
Huge thanks to the incomparable Betty @stemsandforks for The.Best.Book.Launch.Picture.Ever.
Swipe to see more from the evening and thank you everyone for your love and support.
Photo credit @stemsandforks 💜

Before Peace, Love and Fibre, my 8th cookbook, hits the shelves and finds it’s way into your heart and your kitchen.
Before I can calm down because I’m so freaking excited about my this book!
Sidebar: I’ve obviously completely lost it....hoping Les Miserables does not sue me.....

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