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Look what I brought home with me from the @jyvaskylaknitfestival - two stunningly beautiful balls of yarn from @lafeefil. The long gradient runs are hand-dyed and I can't even imagine how much works goes into creating them. ❤

Have you worked with yarns like these before? What kinds of projects did you do?

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I'm back home from the @jyvaskylaknitfestival - it's been wonderful days I've spent in Finland. Jyväskylä is a beautiful place to be, and everyone's been amazingly friendly. The festival was super well organized and there was a lot of time to catch up with old friends, and to make new ones. I enjoyed having such skilled students come to my workshops, and of course a few skeins of yarn magically hopped into my shopping bag.

Tuku Wool is @lankakauppatitityy's signature yarn line, and I can't say enough good things about it. Those colors! And the rustic touch - I simply love yarns that have a character. ❤

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Some impressions from @lankakauppatitityy, one of my very favourite yarn stores ever! ❤

They're open today for the @jyvaskylaknitfestival and oh my! They already were an amazing shop before they moved house last year, but now there's so much more space. A perfect selection of yarns rounds it up - it's definitely knitter's paradise.

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I safely arrived to Finland - but my suitcase didn't. What a shock! All the sample shawls I need for my class at the @jyvaskylaknitfestival were gone! @romidesigns, now I know how you felt back then... Luckily, they were able to find my luggage and I received it this morning, just in time for the class. 😊
Apart from the suitcase nightmare, I'm having the best time here - wonderful students, perfect weather, amazing yarn shopping and saying hello to many old friends. What more could you ask for?

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Another lovely shot of Under the Milky Way, today's pattern release. I love the way Susan from @looplondonloves did the styling - it's such a romantic image. ❤

The pattern is live on Ravelry, and with the coupon code "milkyway", it's 15% off running from today on through Jul 1. And of course there's also kits on the Loop website - I hope you'll enjoy!

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Under the Milky Way is here!

I'm beyond excited to bring this pattern out today. It's a collaboration with my friends at @looplondonloves, and we're featuring a yarn we all love: Primo Fingering by @pluckyknitter.

A broad band of slipped stitches twinkle at the edge of this large cosy triangle shawl, making it the perfect companion for an evening under the stars. Under the Milky Way is knit from the top down, with a generous garter stitch body setting off the “stars” along the edge.

The pattern is available digitally from Ravelry, and there's also kits at Loop including three skeins of Primo Fingering, the printed pattern and a Loop cotton shopper bag. There's a few color options, so make sure to check them out - I can't quite decide which one I like most because they're all pretty awesome. ❤

Thanks to Susan at Loop, Hayley and Sarah of Plucky, @kristinPerers for photography, @camille.auclair for modelling and @opalrosejb and @helirajavaara for tech edit.

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When you're trying to fit a square stitch pattern along a curved edge, and what first seemed overwhelmingly complicated totally works out all of a sudden. Makes my day. ❤

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Another shot of Two Roads, a brandnew pattern that's included in my book. (Saying "my book" feels amazing! I can't believe I've actually done that!) Two Roads is a beautiful cable shawl, made with @myak_us' amazing medium weight. I love the way the shawl blends into my sweater.

I will be teaching at the mYak retreat in North Italy in October and I think there's two open spots - please get in touch with Paola at @myak_us for more information. I'm really looking forward - being in Italy is always just wonderful, and when there's yarn and knitters around, what more could you ask for?

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