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[ @jacenorman @rieledowns ]
this is for @voguejace and other shippers of jaele but she wanted me to edit to this song and she likes jaele I believe but I don't so ye I made dis for jaele shippersss
ac : exultantdolan

i kind of like this but at them same time IDK
this is COMPLETELY inspired / a remake by reineloren

[ swipe for an edit of jace ]
- honestly i can use that clip at the beginning over and over cause I love it so much
ac : kute.audios


my favorite actors & actress
- there's two parts of troian because her first part was short af
- ac : that'

are you eating jace?? | @jacenorman
ac / little ib : heartlybeech
the chicken nugget gc has already seen this

this is messing up my feed && i know that this is choppy & ugly but I'm getting transitions and stuff down
ac : antagonis.t

here's an edit of jace norman doing jace norman things! | @jacenorman
ac : me
[ i don't know what happened to the quality but yeah sorry bout that!!! ]

finally figured out how to make shakes & use twixtor // also the quality sUcks I'm sorry
+ audio : classiclor

a short jaele edit for some jaele stans!!! ❤️
jaele | i forgive you
ac : xphilocaly

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