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Charmaine Lagasca  Live loved.

Hey Nelss, you're sitting next to me while I'm posting this, but I just want to tell the whole world how proud we are of you! Don't have enough words honestly. Witnessing the process, the struggles, the stress, your late nights crying nights, it was a JOY to see your vision COME TO LIFE ☺️❤️❤️✊️😭 It was simply, astonishing! #PCN45 #Pangarap "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and you put your motto to practice. You gave your all, and now people get to see the fruits of your labor ~a powerful story that hits home with many Filipino-Americans today. YOU DID IT! :) #proudx1000 #watchthewholevideotho 😂

Sorry for reposting if yall are our mutual friends but this video MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH, I can't with them 🤣💞 and if you needed a good laugh today, you're welcome. #RightRoom •8+years• #whereisRox #RIPLolaDaling celebrating her life, her joyful and loving ways #foreverremembered 💕

Youth Night [YEEERRRR] Out! ⚾️ #sanjosegiants #sjgiants #breastcancerawarenessnight (last night)

I know super late post, but I just wanna say how proud I was watching SJSU's PCN "Unspoken Words." CHANNINGS you captured hearts through this story you put out there! Director, performer, coordinator, you name it.. He does it all, and so darn excellently! ❤️ And Audrey, been watching yall since Mt. Eden days and I was excited to hear you were singing this never fail to impress! I can't wait to see where life takes you guys in the future ~it's gonna be GRAND 😊💛💛 #PCHAN #Jufranbaby #TeAmoballoon #RightRoom(semi-reunion)

When I was a baby and couldn't sleep, my mom used to sing me a lullaby. I remember the words well: "Sleep, my darling baby. Mommy is not far away." ☺️🎶 Until this day, she's remained true to those words she sang to me. No matter how many times I pushed her away growing up...even when my back was turned... She always let me know she was close by.

Thank you Mom for making us feel your love wherever we are. Hope you had the Happiest (Secret Age-th) Birthday! 💜💜💜

What can I say about this BIRTHDAY GIRL except that I'm one of the lucky ones to know her. April birthstone is a diamond, and she no doubt shines brightest. She's beauty, she's brains, but she's also tough ~they say diamonds are formed under pressure. I've seen this woman rise above the most difficult circumstances. She's not afraid to show when she feels defeated, but it's how she gets back up that inspires me. She loves unselfishly and gives her 💯% in everything.

You are loved Kat, you are blessed and highly favored. God loves you unconditionally but I think His blessings have a lot to do with how you spread kindness in the world. It's true what the Bible says, you reap what you sow 💜 and you're just gonna keep doin it 😁💪 More blessings are coming your way! #Truth #mybestfriendisbetterthanyours #thankfulforher ☺️

#ISOfam reunion 2.0 😎 Exit sign is appropriate as we've all exited/currently exiting our old stomping ground haha. Thank God for that place though cause I met these crazy people 😝💜#wecouldabeenfamousyall #wheresgreg😂 #wellalwayshavegrasshopper

I told them not to look at the camera...and yup, they look. 😑 but I still love them lol. #makeupsessions

If anyone is in Sj/Brokaw area tmw...come and support CITYTEAM! & your stomach with some good pizza! 🍕🍕➡️💲

SD day-cation x night-tivities #weekendgetaway #Kimmieapproved #birthdaycelebration 🛍🌊💃🏻thanks to this fine bunch for a fun first trip of the year! 💕

"We're coming for ya Phat!" 😂😂😂 #OGreunion #welcomingbabyLuna 🎀 #lp

Got to have dinner with one of my faves last night 😊 thanks for the prayers Meeks, & for always encouraging me to do the right things in life. #loveyou Oh & Happy early Birthday!!! 🙃🍜🍵💖

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