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Charmaine Lagasca  Live loved.

Got to spend time with my silly, sweet, smart goddaughter and her pretty Mama. #shes6now 😭 #Chuch 💗

Bc it's #fartyday and I miss her. Thank you for being one of the few people who can tolerate me for an extended period of days at a time 😅 It's been a decade? Whaaaa ❤️🍃

Why? 😅 #WeddingVibes • Congrats Jamel & Jolo! It was a joyous celebration of a beautiful love story 🎻💙💞

At a time in my life when I doubted God, my dad told me "Never give up on God because God never gives up on us." Happy Father's Day to our dad who taught us all the lessons... and what I "caught" is that just like God, when you love someone you never give up on them.
Thank you Dad for not giving up on us even when we're annoyed of your stubborn love. & thanks to all the dads who try their best to love their children in the best way they know how.


AHH SO SO SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU! 75-page paper got nothing on you! You've always been a hard worker, not just for yourself, but for the people you love ~and I admire you for that ❤️ The world is already better with you in it but with this accomplishment you can make the positive changes in health care that you're so passionate about. Congrats my Orr!!! #MSHCA #mastersgrad #dasmybesfren #CSUEB2017

Find rest my soul🎵 in Christ alone🎵
#throwbacktodriveswithfarty @ky.clyden #nofilter #skypictures

Proud of this beautiful soul ~she just glows from the inside out. Thanks for letting me witness this great achievement in your life, symbolic of all the hard work you've done despite all the challenges you've had to face esp. the last couple years. Keep smiling, keep shining (haha isn't that a song?). I pray that God fulfills your heart's and in the future. LOVE YOU FEDLONG! 😘💗 #PILGRAD2017

Isn't she lovely🎵 is what your mom/Auntie Feb @charissapintal 😆 must've been singing when she birthed you into this world...& what God must've said when He created you. I LOVE YOU GA! Such a wonderful blessing to see you grow into the ~warrior princess~ you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. She's 18 😭👸 #CHESCOTTY #mynotsolittlesis 💗

Hey Nelss, you're sitting next to me while I'm posting this, but I just want to tell the whole world how proud we are of you! Don't have enough words honestly. Witnessing the process, the struggles, the stress, your late nights crying nights, it was a JOY to see your vision COME TO LIFE ☺️❤️❤️✊️😭 It was simply, astonishing! #PCN45 #Pangarap "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and you put your motto to practice. You gave your all, and now people get to see the fruits of your labor ~a powerful story that hits home with many Filipino-Americans today. YOU DID IT! :) #proudx1000 #watchthewholevideotho 😂

Sorry for reposting if yall are our mutual friends but this video MAKES ME LAUGH SO MUCH, I can't with them 🤣💞 and if you needed a good laugh today, you're welcome. #RightRoom •8+years• #whereisRox #RIPLolaDaling celebrating her life, her joyful and loving ways #foreverremembered 💕

Youth Night [YEEERRRR] Out! ⚾️ #sanjosegiants #sjgiants #breastcancerawarenessnight (last night)

I know super late post, but I just wanna say how proud I was watching SJSU's PCN "Unspoken Words." CHANNINGS you captured hearts through this story you put out there! Director, performer, coordinator, you name it.. He does it all, and so darn excellently! ❤️ And Audrey, been watching yall since Mt. Eden days and I was excited to hear you were singing this never fail to impress! I can't wait to see where life takes you guys in the future ~it's gonna be GRAND 😊💛💛 #PCHAN #Jufranbaby #TeAmoballoon #RightRoom(semi-reunion)

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