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निरंजना ~ La vie en couleur 🎈~  Orthopédagogue/Special Educator 📚 A yogini ॐ. In love with théâtre, art, tea/wine and books.

Un moment d'euphorie 🌞
#sungazing #sunset #joiedevivre #samadhi

عَنَاوِينُ لِلرُّوح خَارِجَ هَذَا المَكَانِ. أُحِبُّ السَّفَرْ إلَى قرْيَةٍ لَمْ تُعَلِّقْ مَسَائِي الأَخِيرَ عَلَى سرْوِهَا. وأُحِبُّ الشَّجَرْ
#محمود_درويش #بيت_قديم #دوما

بيت قديم و جار كريم - ٢ -

حبيبي ✨


الأحبة هاجروا.. أخذوا المكان و هاجروا.. أخذوا الزمان و هاجروا.. #درويش

و بقلكَ شو ؟


One year ago I decided to elevate my life. I left two jobs (an old and then a new one) because I have decided to be true to myself. I didn't want my life to be strangled by places with silly rules and empty soul. Even though I had bills to pay. (My appartement, loans..) I have always had the feeling that something better is waiting for me. My companion mantra was 'Anything is possible/ I only attract what is good for me'. I am not saying that it was 'la vie en rose' kind of year, but being surrounded by my supportive family and my great friends has eased the whole process of growth and letting go of whatever attachment/pattern was pulling me back; I am forever grateful for them, they know themselves, the ones who were always there. I truly, deeply love them.
Today with a grateful heart I am ready for the new step with all the challenges that might come along. The step that seduces my lungs, my heart and mind.

#pursuingmydreams #positiveaffirmation #thelifethatideserve #goalswithsoul #nayyirahwaheed #thebestisyettocome

Un vœu qui se réalise 🍀✨ #vœux

Jamais trop tard pour la fête 🎉🎎 #happybirthdaytome #theymademeasong #émue

عن الاصدقاء، الطبيعة و ألواني المفضلة 💚💙 #nature

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