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I want U to C #CrazyRichAsians! I am not a crazy rich Asian (yet) but I want to contribute to the movie’s #GoldOpen - so along with my own ticket for tomorrow night, I bought a pair of tickets at a theater near every UC campus. I just chose UCs so I could make that atrocious pun, and also because they have a high concentration of Asian students. Not that I think this movie is only for Asians to watch, I just know how important it is for a young person to see themselves represented. So go take the Nick Young, Rachel Chau, or even the Goh Peik Lin in your life to see the movie! If someone’s already used the ticket for your theater, might as well buy a ticket since you’re already there 🤷🏻‍♀️ // Also, maybe just take a night off if you’re stuck on campus for summer sessions. Students of color are twice as likely to NOT seek help when they’re going through stress and anxiety - take a night for you and your friends to do something fun ☺️ Swipe left to find the tix near your campus. Thanks @bingchen for organizing the #GoldOpen movement! ✊🏼

Went to @hasanminhaj’s #BeforeTheStormTour last night. It was so good. Can’t wait to see it again as #PatriotAct on Netflix. Also, so great to see so many families out enjoying the show and finding someone who is bridging that generational gap for them. 🙌🏼

These two humans are leaving California for big sky country for the next few years 😩😭 One was probably one of the most formative figures in my pre-adult life, and the other one gave me a printer for free. Equally good humans in my book! Also, every time their wedding dance song comes on I get overwhelmed and skip it because wow - why would you trust one of my suggestions for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?! // We used to walk home together from school on Fridays (when we really didn’t need to lol), and I also saw you last on a Friday. HOW ✨POETIC✨ Drive safe plzzzzz

#Blackkklansman was phenomenal, I really think everyone should see it and really think critically about how much we as a people have or haven’t changed. As a POC who doesn’t have to live in fear of just existing - all because the world I grew up in told me. The system tells Asians they’re a step above their black and latinx counterparts because we’re the “model minority,” and it tells everyone else that we’re harmless. So in general we’re widely tolerated by those who might not necessarily like us. Because I’m able to live without this fear ingrained by what’s happening in society to other POC, I feel obligated to support other communities in whatever way I can. Even if it’s something as simple as seeing a movie and being informed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My friend @kevinbparry just put out the funniest video called “50 Ways to Be a YouTuber.” I genuinely think it’s hilarious, so go to his profile to check it out 😂

Just constantly so annoyed and unimpressed by me 😇

Fav from yesterday’s shoot with @chadtepper

Congrats to @tylersphotos on being the first black photographer to shoot an American Vogue cover. 🙌🏼 Also, it’s 2018. How is he the FIRST? 😰

Homies. 🐍

Had to dive deep into the archives for this one, because I’m bad at remembering to take photos if I have to be in them. Happy birthday @kinagrannis!! Catch her big screen debut in #CrazyRichAsians out August 15!! 🎂

A @brianredmon appreciation post, only because Brian was the first talent I ever shot with that was curious about my ethnicity (a valid curiosity) and asked me specifically, “What ethnicity are you?” I think I thanked him for phrasing the question like that before I even answered, and to him it was just common sense. Something happened recently that just really annoyed me. I decided I was going to stop tolerating the “Where are you from? No. Where are you REALLY from?” game that people like to play with Asian people when I was like 20 or 21, after a really bothersome experience at a retail job where a group of frat bros made me stand there and have this stupid conversation with them just so they could tell me they like pho. Like, dope - but I truly could not care less. For years I’ve been able to brush the question off because it’s usually just one person asking - but recently it was a 3 on 1 situation where they were pushing me to have this conversation with them, and I wasn’t even in a position where I could just get up and leave. Realistically, I know that no one means any harm by asking - but after a couple decades the question starts sounding like, “There’s no way you could be from America. Where are you REALLY from?” Like idk what you want me to say! I’ve only ever been from California, friend! Also when people start guessing instead of letting me answer 🙄🙄🙄 and when I finally affirm there suspicions, it’s always like, “I KNEW IT! It was either that, or Filipino.” Is there some kind of stamp card system I don’t know about? Like guess 10 right and you get some mysterious free gift?!? If the conversation can’t end with me answering your question with my place of birth, you’re asking the wrong question.

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