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MaiLinh  “Mai” is not my name 🙄 I take photos, sometimes they come out okay. Twitter: MaiLinhsTweets

The only boy I think is cuter than @kubopup turned 3 on Saturday! @allymaki's new brand @asianamericangirlclub launches today! My friend thinks that my sister and I look like a couple showing off their kid in this photo! So many things!

Update: I'm still obsessed with @kubopup but he still just wants me to get rekt. Thought you should know. 😞

Me: Happy Thanksgiving giving Kubo, I'm thankful for youuuu ⁣
⁣@kubopup: Get rekt ⁣
⁣Me: Oh....ok 😩

Mid-day pick me up! This week is #LoveIsLouder Week - so let's #ThrowShine ✨ instead of shade on social media. Shout out to my team of the past few weeks: @briicarroll @brijaywilliams @cinematicmatt @rivasmatt - you guys made work easier. Thanks for putting up with my need to organize my entire life into spreadsheets! Hopefully the decade I spent in scouts and all the leadership camps I went to in high school paid off in how I led our team 😜 See y'all at dinner toniiiiiight // For every photo that compliments someone and includes the tags: #ThrowShine, @3musketeers & @loveislouder - 3 Musketeers will make a donation to support Love Is Louder and its programs! ❤️

#CrazyTalentedAsians round 2! Thanks for hosting again @ajrafael & @lanamckissack ❤️ // Also walked away with the #CrazyRichAsians Blu-ray and soundtrack for seeing the movie more times than anyone else. But I maybe cheated?? Because a bunch of those times were early screenings including one that Warner Bros let me host 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

#tbt to this Monday at @michellekhare's #EveryoneLovesBulldog short film premiere. What a joy it is to support women doing cool things, even better when they're your friends! Also - I experienced wind in a theater for the first time?! 4D movies are wild y'all. Also also, no...I do not know how to dress for fancy events. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Can we talk about how great @kubopup's Halloween costume was please? #HanSoloEye

Got to work a little later than usual today because I had to go and do this super important thing. PLEASE get yourself and everyone you know to the polls today and ✅OTE! 🇺🇸

#UMPOStrangerThings was such a fun time. Thanks @lanamckissack for encouraging me to binge the series ahead of time - I definitely would have been lost otherwise. So good.

A few weeks ago, I went to the premiere of @shannonksinger's music video for her powerful new song #GiveMeYourHand. She worked with my favs over at @loveislouder on the video and it dropped today! Check it out by going to the link in Shannon's bio. 🎵❤️

Light of my life! Star of my Instagram stories! Siphon of my bank account!!! If I knew when his birthday was, I'd also celebrate it - but I will settle for celebrating his adoption day every year. 1️⃣ year in the books with @kubopup !

Just to get ahead of the rumors, because if there's one thing I've learned from working online for so long.. it's that you can't hide anything from the internet. When you try, the internet will spin it into something else. So I just wanted to let everyone know that my time working with @jakepaul & @team10official is coming to a close.
Jake and I both decided that it's for the best right now as we both want to focus on our own individual goals. I've met and befriended a lot of people over the past couple years and have had the craziest experiences. For fans who are affected by this, I'm still going to be around every now and then! Just as a friend instead of an employee.
I'm not blind to how Jake is perceived, or what's being said about him now. Truthfully, Jake and I are very different people. But I've never felt afraid to or like I couldn't give Jake my honest opinion about anything. He's never made me be a part of anything beyond my comfort. How people are perceiving who Jake is online, just isn't in line with what's been my real-life experience getting to know him over the past almost two years.
I'm still friends with Jake and everyone else in the Team 10 house. Our paths aren't meant to be crossing right now, but they're both going up and to the right.
I've already found my next step. Thanks to everyone who was immediately ready to bat for me with recommendations for work. I appreciate you all immensely! I'll still be posting here everyday, but my focus may shift to where more of my passions lie - which is fair and accurate representation of under served communities. If you choose to continue to follow my work, I'd greatly appreciate it ❤️

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