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MailChimp  Build your brand, sell more stuff. ✉️🐵📷

Things our Landing Pages now offer...
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Happy #SmallBusinessWeek! Proud to support businesses out there building their brand. ❤️

Are you a MailChimp kind of person?

You’re gonna want to turn the sound on for this one: we’re celebrating @RecordStoreDay with an exclusive vinyl release from 2 of our favorite bands, The Attachments and Daemon Mailer. MailChimp designer @dancebuffet talks about the story behind the music: “A while back @doworkdesign did an image for a blog post about a record club. On the image, we had a bunch of email-related song titles. Shortly thereafter, we got a little time to explore so we wrote songs based on the titles. We’ve had them sitting in the parts bin for a while and thought Record Store Day would be a good time to put them out into the world.” Song link for “Make It Personal” and “Mail It to My Heart” in bio.

Cool jacket, huh? @ornamentalconifer did the lettering, and when photographer was thinking through how to show it off, she gravitated towards a first love: film. “I mostly shoot analog when I shoot for myself,” says Lizzy. “It’s how I learned, and it connects me to photography in a way that digital doesn’t.” She led one of our recruiters, the very stylish @allthings_odori, on an early-morning photoshoot that spanned 35 mm film, polaroids, and a digital camera. As for the jacket? “It’s so legit,” says Jasmine. “I wish it was mine.”

🔈Light a few candles, pick up a bouquet of flowers, and give yourself the gift of e-romance! All of the best e-romance songs are now available in one incredible 4-disc anthology, so you can listen to your favorite jams while you’re at work, in the car, or even writing an email. And for a limited time, we’re offering a FREE download of the smash hit “Make It Personal”! Follow the link in our bio to get your copy.

Whether he’s on his way to the studio or already there, our mobile app helps Tre from @TheProducerKit​ quickly create and send emails to his customers. 🎧 Download it! Link in bio.

Let’s get quackin’!

Sometimes, after a long day, you just need to screenprint some mugs to unwind.

Bringing @dancebuffet’s static image to life was a tag team effort for animator @lindadmc and photographer “It’s kind of like being a puppeteer,” Linda says. “Or exquisite corpse—you’re building off of someone’s ideas and bringing in your own.”

Billboard story time: For years, we had an office on Atlanta’s west side. When a few departments returned to that space last year, designer @dancebuffet cooked up a couple billboard designs to welcome them back. He was inspired by, among other things, the California Raisins: “I thought it’d be cool to do one side of the billboard in a claymation style, and the other side in an animated series style.” (The drawings came first.)

Ah, the old bait and s(and)wich. 🥪

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