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What rhymes with MailChimp? Many ridiculous things. Meet our pals @mailshrimp, @kalelimp, @jailblimp, @failchips, @veilhymn, #malecrimp, @snailprimp, @whalesynth, and @nailchamp.

👋 Hi, we’re #MailShrimp, #KaleLimp, #MaleCrimp, #NailChamp, #JailBlimp, #WhaleSynth, #VeilHymn, #SnailPrimp, #FailChips—It us. It all us. The link in our bio can tell you why.

Where would creativity and innovation be without vulnerability? And who better to talk to us about it than @brenebrown: “Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is the willingness to show up and be seen in your life when you cannot control the outcome.” Thanks for stopping by Coffee Hour, Brené!



Meet Michaela. What do you do at MailChimp? “I’m a designer on the product team.” What's your favorite thing about working here? “I get to collaborate with all kinds of teams and people whose backgrounds are vastly different from my own.” Fun fact about yourself—go! “I’m attempting to bake the perfect macaron. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” #MeetMailChimp


“If you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

Now you can buy Facebook ads in MailChimp! We made some art to commemorate the occasion. Link in bio.

Upside of a corrugated cardboard butler: the element of surprise.

Block party. Building block party.