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mailakue  "So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:31

• Find yourself a friend who can make a confusing class comical, who can make late nights in the library less painful, who can make you feel less guilty about never understanding what’s going on in class (or life), and who can celebrate the end of the semester with a half-spilled cup of coffee. #AnneCan #adulting #struggleisalwaysreal

• Premiere: the Eun’s first Christmas card as a married couple • #getEunourlevel

• three more semesters and we’re both outta here •

• I celebrate you today! I celebrate the love that you selflessly give, whether it be grabbing food with one person to be a listening ear or pouring into a group of women who are hungry to hear. I celebrate your stern spirit, the kind that never wavers from the strong foundations that you have built in the secret place. I celebrate your independence and drive, because it shows me that you truly trust in the One who leads you. I celebrate your motherly-heart, which I miss because you always made me breakfast, took care of me, and thought things 10-steps through before I did. I celebrate your testimony, and even more than that, your willingness to share your breakthroughs so openly because you believe your story is a key to instilling faith in someone else. I celebrate the songs in your heart, and your ability to lead others to worship our Father. I celebrate you, today and always, because people get to see Heaven on Earth through you. Happy birthday, Wifey! I love you so much and couldn't be more proud of the woman you are. • #takingapplicationsforherfuturehusband #subtlehashtag

• It’s Thursday! You know what that means? Absolutely nothing. So let me tell you about someone amazing! I’ve been missing my oldest sissy lately and want to brag about her. Here’s to a one of a kind girl who many call friend, but I get the privilege of calling my sister. People see Venus’ life full of friends and family and fun and travel. But what they don’t see is the hard work she puts 40+ hours a week into saving lives. They don’t hear her compassion as she shares about a patient she hopes to see healed. They don’t see how she leaves work only to run over to night classes because she refuses to settle for being ordinary. People don’t see the text messages Venus sends out daily to our family. She always remembers every little moment in our lives, and amidst her busy schedule, she never ceases to stop and ask questions about the mundane things happening in our lives as if they were big monumental moments. People see her and Thien as #goals, and I couldn’t agree more! But what they don’t see is Venus faithfully praying for her husband. They don’t see how she’s constantly seeking to be a better wife, to uplift her husband, and to die to herself to better serve him. People see her fun weekends out and about, but they don’t see the weekends where she takes our little cousins out to spoil them. They don’t see how she throws sleepovers to gets the toughest ones to find refuge and open up about life. Venus is steadfast in the waiting seasons, patient in uncertainty, and faithful to steward well whatever hand she’s been dealt. She is the glue our family needs, the anchor our siblings cling onto, and the best role model any little sister could as for. Oh, and she’s got the cutest dog with the best personality ever. So it really doesn’t get much better than that. Love you, sis. I’m so lucky to follow in your footsteps. •

• When you’re super tired but too extroverted and fight hard to stay awake. • #EmersonLia

• I am the rose, the joy for which You died. 🌹 •

• Find yourself a friend who walks with you through valleys, climbs with you up mountaintops (literally), and also manages your finances. •

• Is it possible to love school this much? Thankful for the gift of seminary. Wowza, the Father really does give good gifts. 😭•

• I'm not very good at many things, but I'm pretty sure I've nailed it when it comes to choosing the best people to do life with. •

• best friend for the next ✌🏻years • #sorryevan #hisvoiceislikebutter

• A reminder for the next couple of years •

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