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Maiken Sarv  • discovering the inside me • searching for the freedom & unconditional happiness • creator of PILATESFUNC • YOGAFUNC educator • Vegan lifestyle 🇮🇹/🇪🇪

Finding a balance between holding on and letting go.. #pilatesfunc #yogaeverydamnday #life #live #balance #breathe #verona #happiness #funcyfamily

All the movement is mostly horizontal for all of us. I think myself to be different, so sometimes I like to go vertical.
#handstand #yogaeverydamnday #yogapratice #mountains #malcesine #montebaldo #nature #yoga #breathe #happy #yogainspiration #funcyfamily

Before I will save the world and be there for everybody, I will take care of myself first! Smile!

#myself #happy #love #savetheplanet #myhappiness #friends #family #verona #home #yoga #breathe #funcyfamily #smile #planetearth

In a search of happiness? I guess we all are in a way. We often get stuck in our thoughts. Desperate to find happiness. Maybe we have to move on from that thought? We need to think out of the head in order to see the surroundings.. notice what’s real what’s not. Appreciate what’s already there and not concentrate on a seek of something unknown. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Making my life more simple, overthinking as less us possible. Happiness is a choice and not something we can ask or wait to be given. I believe it might be inside of us.. waiting to be dragged out.

#mindfulness #happiness #freedom #nature #love #thoughts #thinkoutsidethebox #mountains #italy #lagodigarda #montebaldo

My happiness is only my responsibility! Only I can decide if to be happy or not. And I do want, but sometimes it just doesn’t come easy. Especially for people like me, who overthink everything. Universe has sent me a help by surrounding me with so many awesome people to show me what love and caring is. My friends are my whole world, my family. Most of all, I am so damn lucky to have somebody in my life who shows me every single day what happiness is.. he never skipped the day! Lav ya!!! #love #happiness #acceptance #life #friends #family

Some things in life just are..
We don’t need to talk about them, we know they’re there. In our hearts and in our souls!
#life #happiness #freedom #love #gutinstinct #nature #sun #underthesky

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.” (Les Brown)
In order to win this game we live in:
- find yourself - accept yourself - love yourself - BE yourself
#yoga #yogapractice #yogaeverydamnday #yogaoutside #nature #life #love #happiness #beyourself #conciousness #funcyfamily #yogafunc

Living in “NOW”.. the only moment we can actually live in. Tomorrow NEVER comes.. but TODAY, yeah, today..there’s always another one tomorrow. So let’s leave the worries of tomorrow into tomorrow and let’s start living the NOW. Let’s start noticing the things we already have! Let’s stop whining about things we don’t have. Such a waist of energy, let’s replace it with something else. Or if you really want it.. GO AND GET IT! Work hard for it and find a way to get you’re hands on it!
However, there’s already so much beauty close to us.. let’s just open the eyes, WIDE OPEN, and see what’s really out there and who are the people around us. Do they see who we really are or they see somebody we are pretending to be? Just think about it for a moment....
You might think its easy for me to say, living in Italy, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, having all those awesome people around me. Yes, I am lucky but this picture is actually taken in Estonia..the place where I was born and almost lost the connection with. I’m building it up again cause there’s so much beauty I don’t want to miss out anymore!
I have stoped looking for the happiness because it’s nowhere else but IN ME.. just need to let it out and shine!
#estonia #happiness #greatful #mindfulness #LOVE #therealme #authenticity #sunshine #nature #today #livinginamoment #openeyes #friends #family

Today 5 years ago I took my flight to Italy. I opened the door to a new adventure, a road to discover the true me, the one trapped deep inside, confused and lost.
I have always had a huge hunger to live and be happy for no reason, I can only guess what’s the purpose of my life is. We all have, even if we might never understand what. As long as I follow my believes, I know I’m on the right path.
I have grown spiritually and emotionally so much during this last 5 years and I can honestly say that I am the happiest and the best version of me that in this moment I can be. I have worked hard, gone trough hell and I can truly say: I have a beautiful home, a job that I love and loads of people around me who love me.. is there really anything else I can need more that that? I think no!
I haven’t forgot Estonia, the country that shaped me into a person I am and I’m utterly grateful for that. I will never lose this connection, especially now that for a crazy coincidence (or it was destined to be), my family in Estonia has become even bigger! Thank you mom, dad, brother, my sisters, friends and Funcy Family for not letting this connection to disappear!
What can I say for a conclusion, really a lot of things but in this moment I will say that:
• do not take anything for granted • work hard towards you really want
• don’t expect things to happen by themselfs, they don’t! • If you want respect, ASK for a respect
• if you want to be loved.. in addition to giving of love, learn how to take love and do your best to keep it alive!
#italy #estonia #life #love #happy #happiness #begreatful #family #friends #funcyfamily

Valencia has totally recharged my batteries and I have this peace in my heart right now that it makes me wanna smile non stop.
If you think it’s because everything is going right for me and I have no shit thrown on me, then think again. I have still the same battles and shit happens all the time!
BUT as happiness is an inside job, I won’t let the surrounding change my state of mind. I will flow in this positive vibe as long as I can and when the happenings around me start effecting me too much and some disappointment starts to take over, I will just go to the places like Valencia that will shake the crap off of me, to continue being who I really am. That’s what I have always been, even during the toughest times.
Smile and share love as much as you can, you can never know who you could save just doing that!

#happiness #sharelove #smile #bepositive #love #yoga #yogaoutside #headstand #funcyfamily #friends #valencia #spain

Like @herkkito wrote me last night:
“Be happy, it drives people crazy”.
Love it!

#smile #happy #shareasmile #behappy

After 7 years I returned to Valencia, the city that turned my life around.
I went with no expectations, just with my open heart, ready to let it all in.
Let me tell you, those 4 days couldn’t go any better. Spain gives me still the same feelings. So much love, happiness and excitement! The place makes me so calm and relaxed!
It wasn’t perfect for no reason, I am so lucky to know one guy who made my stay THE BEST.
Thank you SO much @herkkito .. you are amazing!!! The ‘LaughPack’ course was exactly what I needed! I can’t thank you enough for all you are and share!!! Namaste

#valencia #spain #memories #vacation #friendship #happiness

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