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M A J A D Ł U G O Ł E C K I  email for available work, commissions, murals, + collabs next: tulum 11/14 nyc 12/7

yucatán inspired studies | i’ll be doing a small business saturday sale through my stories at 9am pst this saturday 🌴

@timferriss’s 5-bullet friday newsletter is something i look forward to reading every week because it’s literally 5 interesting things and nothing more. here’s yesterday’s quote to ponder, from goethe: “to think is easy. to act is hard. but the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.”


detail of ‘upstate no. 02’

it’s hidden in the details, the unexpected connections and conditions we find ourselves in, where we can experience beautiful moments, if we let them unfold | photo by the lovely @portablesera from our shoot for @zouxoushoes

sold | ‘zihuatanejo no. 05’, email for available work

do you like surprises? do you like getting mail? im selling my color swatch postcards for a limited time this holiday season | one for 15 or four for 50, email me the shipping address, send payment w/ venmo to @maijkah…and if you hate surprises you can *request* the color/s, but no promise’s ;) 🌈 international friends: you can friend pay via PayPal (+$5 for sh&h) to

i wanna swim in these color pools

furry color and compositions studies for @primecutbags

a crisp fall morning of painting at the most beautiful venue @thecedarschool | special thank you to @dlvgolecki @binky.bakes and @callmeyo for all your help ♥️

i’ve missed this little corner of my world. s/o to @ababyjacks for keeping my plants green

another favorite corner of mine at @hotelalmabcn | im back in portland cranking on commissions allll week 💎

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