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  πŸ‘»;charmaiineeeeee πŸ’Œ @teer.aa, there's so much of you in my heart πŸ’–

been so bz lately >:( but hv you guys gotten your @danielwellington watch? Remember to use my quote <maine17> for 15%off!!

Black Friday & Christmas is around the corner!! Loving my watch by @danielwellington πŸ’™ Remember to use my quote "maine17" for 15% off! Valid till 31st December

finally had the courage to cut my long hair, thanks to @ruler.singapore for cutting and dying my hair 😬. simply just flash this post to get 30% off set menus or 20% off single menus. Promotion limited to new customers only! You can also contact them either through their IG or call them @+65 6532 2533! xo 😘

been so bz studyin 😩 but thanks to @sudiosweden's amazing earpiece for keeping me company. I really like how their earpiece is designed, plus there are alot of variety of colors, not to say designs as well. Use my code "maiinex" for 15% off!

I have been gone for so long but shout out to @printwich for printing out my favourite picts of all times!! πŸ’– Remember to use my code "maiinex" for 10% off :-)

Totally in love with this white cap by @Audazmen_sg they have lots of items from Ralph Lauren caps to phone cases. They sell them at a really affordable price as well. They have more colours on their wensite so do check them out! Use my code "maiinex" for 10% off!

yes. I stopped at marks & spencer to take this pic, super duperr in love with this piece by @shopxballoons πŸ’– I love the variety of clothing that they offer on their account, use my name <maiinex> to get 5% of your order! πŸ’™

well,hello thr

apple cider 🍻

Ill always have to have my shades when im at the beach!! Esp specaeyewear's with lots of design! 50% off discount for ALL items
Code: 52SEH! Happening on 9 Aug (one day) only! - More details on theirIG page 😊 (@specaeyewear)

sickass weekend

I wouldnt ask for anything better ✨

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