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Holiday throwback Thursday..
All you can eat buffet breakfast lunch and dinner.
Cocktails on demand, cider with every meal haha and Room service with burgers delivered to you at any time of day.
Choice week on board the P and O cruise ship.
Fast forward, watching what I eat, 6 meals a day, 4+ litres of a water a day, no burger room service, no all you can eat buffet, no cocktails haha.
My self control is getting bloody tested and it's been two weeks 不不 especially harder in the festive season where I just wanna be jolly and eat and drink everything in sight.
Changing my lifestyle was always going to be tough and a big process, I knew that from the start. Just gotta take it one day at a time.
Already feeling a lot better, skins a lot better, my energy is alot better.
Sunday though, cocktails and burgers galore 不不不
#teamprettystrong #lifestylechange #fit #healthy #bodybuilding #powerlifting

Went and checked out the brother @pirihemara new homemade bar on Saturday.
Alot of hard work and time has been put into it. Was mean to have a kick back Saturday night talking shet with the boys and Piri and Codies bulldog Busta.
Mean mahi bro.

'Greed is an inordinate or insatiable longing for unneeded excess, especially for excess wealth, status, material objects, ego, power, or food'
Don't let greed take over you and risk losing the shit that matters the most 滕

Saturday pumps with the brothers!
Start a new training plan Monday to compliment my nutrition so got one more heavy Saturday out.
140kg Incline no spot.
Choice #TeamPrettyStrong

It's a different type of feeling when you work hard for your shit.
Won't be my usual summer but the journey will be worth it.
#TeamPrettyStrong #letsgetitdone #noexcuses

Next stop Harley
Broom broom

Posting fatty current/before pics to make myself more accountable, the more people know the more I have to stick to my plan.
I have set a deadline of June to be in the best shape of my life and finally see some abs and definition.
@jordan_earl_fitness is gonna coach me through it all starting from today.
I've always said one day I'll have some abs and it's been a long time coming..i always jump off the wagon and into Maccas. Not this time.
Any moral support along the way will be mint haha.
Too many people told me I can't do it, that just fuels my fire even more 滕
#bodybuilding #powerlifting #TeamPrettyStrong

Swapped my way to this wee little gem today.
A bobber to learn the ways before i then hustle my way up to a Harley.
#mahlsdeals #3moremonths 不不

Tried to hit some heavies today, a fast touch and go 165 but not enough in the tank for a pause.
Festive season has begun, I'll try maintain as much strength as i can but can't miss out on the good times, feasts and festivals with your friends and family.
#powerlifting #TeamPrettyStrong

Anyone have these nights now and then?
The "quiet drinks" the "Just a couple" always turn into the best and most memorable nights

Shoutout to #TeamPrettyStrong today with their amazing effort at the annual GPCNZ Tri Nations Push Pull competition. Amazingly smooth comp once again run by @court.paapu @ruatarapaapu and their great team.

Every one pushed to their limits and each member managed to secure at least 2 pbs each and two podiums! .
My mum Toni got second in her weight class and Phill getting third in his weight class.
Both Phill and Toni both broke New Zealand records on a couple their lifts. .
Cam Has been working his butt off to push past that 200kg Deadlift and today he finally cracked 220kg! A 20kg increase from his last comp.
I'm hella proud of you all, my goal is to train you all so well that you out lift your coach and you're all on your way.
#powerlifting #nzpowerlifting #gpcnz

This is my childhood summed up in a photo.
If I wasnt watching wrestling, I was playing it on PlayStation, doing wrestling moves with my mates on the trampoline or on the internet looking at wrestling.
I'd always get my parents to timer record it on our vcr so I could get up early as in the morning and watch it.
Still love it to this day #wwe #wwf #ecw #wcw #professionalwrestling

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