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Points of Reference:San Francisco based Artist Mark Harris was commissioned by The African American Student Advocate Group in San Jose to display his art work throughout the district, in reference to Black History Month this past February..Are you at all curious as to what happened to Mr Harris's Art work? it was,dare I say it, CENSORED, which equates to, REMOVAL. Why you ask? A quote from the local superintendent states 'when the community members come into the buildings, they have expectations that they're not going to see anything that may be extremely disagreeable.'End quote.The artist later stated that his work directly speaks to conversations about Black reality that may or may not be happening in people's homes..
So A Black Male artist can't show art work that speaks directly to the Black experience during Black History Month?Where are all of the 'freedom of speech, freedom for artistic expression' absolutists??
To quote Baldwin, 'you've been describing me for hundreds of years, now I can describe you, that is part of the chaos.'
Mark Harris created that chaos when those community members were faced with artistic imagery that demanded self/societal evaluation. What did they do? They censored him...
•see, we 'lost' the battle because we were too emotional. too 'human'. if you ever thought to question the value of black life in a white supremacist society, look no further than black humanity, which by & far has always been negotiable. When an artist like Kara Walker speaks out & has the masses swaying to the beat of subjugation,the name of the game is validation, & you need look no further than an individual that will validate the erasure of your entire emotional being. You, Black person, are not allowed to be hurt, outraged. THIS, is how you art, and art more abundantly. You are no more valuable than a can of paint.} WE of course know this isn't the case, without us all of the western world would be nothing more than the equivalent of an expired tin of mayo💅🏾
#theartivistsf #danaschutz #blackhistory #blackreality

Shout out to The Youth👆🏾
protesters block view of Dana Schutz's Emmett Till "open casket 2016" painting, Friday during the Opening of the Whitney Biennale.
Black pain has long been a spectators sport.
racism acts as offense, while anti Blackness sets in as much lauded defense.Praised as 'progressively forward or the like,' the moment any non Black person,in this case,artist,seeks to utilize Blackness as a 'revolutionary turning point' in their work, IMMEDIATE recognition&clout follow. most disturbing, however, is not the curators' cheap attempt at adding 'edge' to their career elevating endeavor,the endless barrage of art critics, going on&on about first amendment rights/Artists freedom to express etc (for which of course is only ever granted to white artists, case in point, Renee Cox's 1999 photo rendition of the last supper, entitled:"Yo Mama's Last Supper" for which the Catholic Church, then NY mayor Rudy Giuliani,&the art world elite lambasted her ruthlessly until a decency clause was put into place regulationing art works shown throughout the city's institutions paid for by tax payer dollars..but i digress)what stands out most is the fact that days prior,there were VIP viewer receptions before general public were granted access. Which means, a SIZABLE portion of white 'woke' liberal identified allies,&Black art elite were present for the viewing of this painting. yet none of them,as of today,have taken it upon themselves to speak out publicly against the painting, the curators, or museum.What happened to all the pretty little voices that repeatedly,LOUDLY proclaim their devout work&efforts to supporting & uplifting the plight of silenced victimized Black people?
Its safe to say that the modern day house negro of the art world does nothing more than show up, rub elbows, air kiss&sip champagne with the contemporary likes of oppressor/institution. Sucking the full on asshole of the exact institution that will glorify&praise the brush stroke of an artist who couldn't so much as tell you the significance of the freedom fighter's name for which is the same as the street she lives on in Brooklyn...
#whitneybiennial #danaschutz #fuckthemall

The YOUTH! 👸🏾
#parsonsopenstudios 2017 Haleigh Nickerson,
A visual, conceptional & performance artist approaching the end of her collegiate career, is deconstructing Womanhood & Black identity through her own lens & personal subjectivity. The playfulness in her installations speak to the other, other side of self assurance lost at times within the struggle. She performs what/how society sees within the framework of that identity, using costume & typical beautifying adornments. It is extremely relevant to point out, with a young Woman of her age, Haleigh is not leaning on the institution to build understand nor critique her narrative. She is guided by real life experiences & those that inspire her. Not surprising, she has received her fair share of reductive critique & persistent erasure of cultural relevancy from white peers. Haleigh possesses a strong, devout sense of self & a firm rejection of societal conformity that is necessary to self sustainability.
In short term? This generation of Brilliant Black Women Artists are creating on their own terms, & are NOT seeking your approval.
#haleighnickerson #contemporary #artist #blackexcellence #blackgirlsrock #dontcomeforus #epics

.... snow day residuals..
when the DM situation starts to get COMPLETELY out of control... i swear i'm going to start exposing folk.. #dontjudgeme 😩

•This Ain't a Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-membering•

Performance/Video by an Artist you should know: Taja Lindley.
When the spirit & integrity are balanced & maintained, & the producer of that work is the living embodiment of that exact spirit & integrity, then & ONLY then do you have a true Artist. Pair that with EVERYTHING that makes a Woman, on International Women's Day, & beyond, you have @tajalindley 🌊#tajalindley #blackexcellence #queerfemmegods

•This Ain't A Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-membering• Performance/Video by
An Artist you should know:Taja Lindley•
When the spirit & integrity are balanced & maintained, & the producer of that work is the living embodiment of that exact spirit & integrity, then & only then do you have a true artist. Pair that with EVERYTHING that makes a Woman, on national Womens day, & beyond, & you have @tajalindley 🌊
#springbreakartfair #armoryweek #contemporaryart #tajalindley #purewave #epicness #sayhername #thisaintaeulogy #internationalWomensDay #nationalWomensday #blacklivesmatter #blm #translivesmatter #blackexcellence #queerfemmegods

caught giving side eye..😩
but isn't she lovely? 🌹
Madame Zohra Opoku gracing us with all new works entitled: "Unraveled Threads" in which she literally weaves together delicate portraits of her father Bob George Opoku, using precious Kente cloth from the Ashanti region of Ghana, and threads from her mother in Germany. Zohra envisions new ways of addressing the intricate dualities within her cultures & identity. Together with images of her Mother, she creates visually a 'family portrait' that could actually never be. Born in the GDR, her parents were never allowed to wed & build their family due to German governmental policy. These works are created out of the artist's purest essence of self, love & family.

Represented by the incomparable @marianeibrahimgallery who comes second to none, I think it's safe to say The Armory show 2017 has just been upgraded 💕
#zohraopoku #marianeibrahimgallery #armoryweek #ghana #ashanti #family #contemporary #womenshistorymonth

As seen: a 'sensible yet ever appropriating' work by Artist Kelley Walker, at ADAA The Art Show VIP Preview
As some of us may remember, Walker, most recently notable for his rampant, blatant appropriations of Black identity, speaking to his solo show at CAM in Saint Lewis late last year, which featured works in which he takes an image from the 1963 civil rights movement of a black protestor being ripped apart by a police dog, and covers it with chocolate, as well as a large scale floor to ceiling size sexually charged magazine cover of a Black Woman, covered in toothpaste, seemingly to resemble male ejaculation. When confronted with questions by Black audience members asking why he chose to use these images, & what it all meant, Walker became belligerently defensive & hostile towards the audience, & of course, failed to provide any real answers to any of the questions posed. A boycott of the show, the museum & its director & chief curator took place soon after. Paula Cooper Gallery of NY issued this empty, baseless statement on his behalf "it has been said that it is the role of the artist to ask questions, not answer them." A PRIME example as to WHY it is most relevant & imperative for us to be the authors of our own stories. The continuation of Black people utilized as nothing more than 'props' in the works of various contemporary artists for press & personal gain will & shall remain. Why? The same exact reason why we don't see a continuation of images from the holocaust in wide recontextualized circulation: #whitesupremacy in the arts #adaa #theartshow #armoryweek

no one really asked if you 'agree' with transgender identity, but if you oppose equal rights, then you oppose equal rights. the end.
Number to the US department of education is 1-800-872-5327:select option 3
#protecttranslives #protecttranskids #blacktranslivesmatter #fucktrump #resist

...16 hours detained & questioned about everything from my mother's immigration from an Islamic state, why i live in this country, my 'involvement' & 'devotion' to Islam, why I've traveled to a communist country more than fifty times, & how many people I know named Mohammad.. (no bullshit) & so now that everyone is a reactionary tale of 'social justice' & 'human rights'.. what about the micro injustices that happen on every hour of every day to people all around us, that most literally cower in stark silence about? you know, the stuff that folks will write/blog/repost all damn day about.. .
#isntitironic #whenActivismIsOnTREND
#resist #nobannowall #queermuslimimmigrant

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