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Mahmoud  Sea.. Coffee.. Life.. & repeat ..

إن تصبر وأنت تمضي ستغدوا الحواجز خلفك.. ولن يُحد ناظريك سوى الأفق..
صباحكم بحر :) #photooftheday #sea #seaside #blue #water #life #jeddahlife

Getting into the world of chocolate with the intention of taking a part in educating the people about it isn't an easy job.
Leading people to the details of the chocolate industry the preparation & the taste; takes a long time of trying, reading, searching & tasting, takes much of filling yourself with knowledge, experience & even uplifting your taste from the commercial flavors to the artistic ones. Fueled with passion & love of sharing knowledge I'm moving ahead & being lucky to be guided not only by the intelligence but also by the kindness of one true friend. Thanks for leading me through this experience & for taking my taste one step higher in every time we meet. @ghassansugar ..

Good morning sea :) صباحكم بحر

هذا الزعتر من جنةٍ ما..

Living longer means that you'll face more challenges, you'll be expected to survive more hardships, at the same time you grow stronger & wiser.. & life goes on..
#jeddahlife #jeddah #photooftheday #sea #seaside #sunset #colourful #calm #sky

Because it happened..

Earlier today.. #bentley #continentalgt

Good morning sea :) صباحكم بحر

My window #view .

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