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The days are almost at their shortest, the dark season is truly upon us. @damlab recently reminded me how important it is to get my face in the sun, especially important as someone who is supremely affected by the season. (I spy with my little eye #navayoni by @satmanavyogi ❤️🙏🏼❤️) -
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Finding love in ALL the places this morning. Starting with Wayne Dyer and bulletproof coffee at @laneyandlucafe

❤️❤️❤️ This life has me by the heart strings.

Merry, merry, sparkling and bright.

How we do breakfast.

Don’t let this really cute picture of my kid helping with brussels, where you can only see the books and puzzles and natural fibers in the room, fool you. No, he wouldn’t eat the Brussels. He DID sword fight with the stalks after we snapped them all off. Yah, there’s a screen in the room where they zone out while I gather my sanity. You bet there are a fair amount of plastic toys hiding in the earthy wicker toy chest. We make small steps every day to do better, be better, and love ourselves, our earth, and each other everyday. But life sure isn’t as curated as an Instagram feed.

Mat, sacred space.
I come fully
to this place
Where I have been
hundreds of times
Where I’ve blurred the lines
Between my feet
and the earth.
The dirt from my feet
The heel of my hands
Imprinted like love notes
On the spaces I land.
A teacher and sister
before me again
Calling me back
With the breath I’ve let in
Back, further…
further, even more.
The back body.
Yes, there it is.
Knock on that door.
What she’s saying is
Come home.
She is calling me,
she is calling us all
to come home.
Where no light is needed
But our own.
The she-wolf’s den.
This paper and pen
Are asking me to tell you
what it looks like
To come home
And I can tell you that it is not
It is only coming
To the deep knowing
That all that is wounded
Is already healed
That we have not
fallen from grace
Or forgotten our place
Or owe anyone anything
Other than what is alive
In us right now
What is waiting for us there
In the back body
In that quiet, dark place
Where we can remember
What it feels like to come home.
And so I feel
The back of my spine,
The back of my thighs,
The back of my root,
And my head and my eyes.
The place inside me
Where the Beloved sighs
And whispers in watery tones
Yes, dear one
Come home. - Dedicated to my sweet teacher, friend and sister @mackensiegrant and @shilofarm

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to dance, now I have super fun and funky upcycled harem style dance pants from @tusarakana and that’s not even the best thing that happened yesterday.
This community of people willing and hungry to do the deep work together, these hearts and souls, these humans, this connection, this future, this LOVE!!! Is this a dream?

You may not see anything extraordinary about this picture, but this is the first time I’ve had a bed on a real frame and not on the floor in 6 years. #cosleepingmilestone ... which means my kids are probably going to start falling out of the bed again now.

“If you had a pet sloth, you probably wouldn’t want to play fetch with it.” ... an actual thing this goober said randomly after a long silence in the car today.

What does nature gift us and how can we help nature?
#thathomeschoollife #corn #deer #cucumbers #noplastic #photosynthesis #plantmedicine #food #connection

5am thoughts from a vulnerable place: Probably 50% of the time I feel like I’m NOT “slaying this whole single mom thing.” I lose my patience so much more than I would like, and it’s because I don’t feel like I’m doing all the things I should or need to be doing. It happens when I don’t feel present enough, feel like all I’m ever doing is thinking of the next thing that needs to be done because I’m the only one who is going to do it. Dragging kids around to the grocery store when they should be getting ready for bed, letting them watch tv while I make dinner, do dishes, pack lunches, instead of sitting down and playing a game with them. And before I know it, it’s bed time and I’ve barely sat down with them and THEN I feel entirely defeated. I try to hold on to the tiny thread that they’ll remember the bedtime stories and snuggles more than the chaotic days. Feeling teary and shadowy this morning as we enter the dark days, but still knowing we’ll come out again on the other side.

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