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Mahavir Singh  I want to fight

Current state of footwear. Not sure WEAR (lol) my Timberlands went but I know they're around somewhere. #nike #converse #timberland #casualshoes #liftingshoes #toomanypairs #puns #donthurtme

Vegan brownies? From @redznbutta23 @jajasbakes ? Sign me the hell up! These things are crack! She said to share but who am I kidding, I'm going to devour all of these within the hour 😈

Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh buddy #benchmade #knife #thegoodstuff #new #adamas

Alright. I don't like to post videos of my lifts because I am weak. But this felt really good. Two years ago I hurt my back. The biggest deadlift I ever attempted prior was 185lbs. Tonight, I hit 315 for 2 (ish lol). This is just the beginning. 405, your ass is mine. Next close goal is a 225lb bench. Special shoutouts go to the team, @chanibobani , Joe Kim, Bob and Adil. #powerlifting #beginner #deadlift #goldsgym #teameuraisa #slowlybutsurely

Also shoutouts to @monrigggg despite not showing up tonight 😒 --- Thanks everyone in the comments! I didn't expect this big of a response hahaha. Keep on the lookout people, the only way from here is up, and I'm going to keep on climbing, nothing can stop my progress. Nothing. #civilizethemindweaponizethebody

This is Ben. He's a veteran. He fought in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and several other places. He saw @chanibobani and I working out at the gym and he came up to me and said, "you're a race of warriors!" I didn't know how to respond, I asked "what do you mean?" He replied, "I served with a man named Paramjit Singh. He was fearless. At any major conflict or mission, he was there because he was reliable, fearless, and capable." I was shocked. He said that sumeet and I reminded us of Paramjit and asked if we were Sikh as well. I said yes. He said he still talks to Paramjit today, every once in awhile. He has the utmost respect for Sikhs because of Paramjit Singh. He shook my hand and said again, "you guys are a race of warriors." As Singhs and Kaurs, we should all be aware of our beginnings. From the Mughals of Guru Sahib's era to people like Ben now, people knew of our strength. I don't need motivation to hit the gym, but moments like these reinforce the journey to be strong. I will be the first to tell you I'm weak, but nothing can stop me from achieving my goals. Nothing. Civilize the mind, weaponize the body. #sikh #santsipahi #warriors #strength #mahboiben #shoutoutstoparamjitsengh #strengthisneveraweakness

Okay. Im impressed. Holy shit. #puma #socks #wtf #bigfoot

How are these socks supposed to fit on these feet, wtf

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