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IT HONESTLY does not bother me when you guys insult me because you don't know me and I honestly don't care what people think about me that's just who i am I'm not gonna say I hate you for telling me that because I don't know you & im not gonna take time out of my day to insult someone that's pathetic. But I will stand up for myself. 😘

I go to Maggie's school i always see her during passing periods

You Guys are adorable ..

Chocolate 😍❀

Do what you do for you not for others.

To people who want me to change the username here's the front of phineas face that's no. πŸ˜‚

Hatas chu don't bother mehπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha no but lol

Some of you guys are nice people. Only some (:

R e l e v a n t

This is an app stop takin it so seriously so what I have someone's username okay ? Like I'm not pretending to be her.. If you're wondering I'm a girl an I'm 14 im not saying more cause ya and I'm no posting pictures of me because ill get hate. But this is just an app so just calm down. Thank you

To clear this up no I am not maggie okay, I already apologized to her and yeah I made a mistake ok I shouldn't have done it but I did but it's over now...

What do you guys want to see from this acc.

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