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Magpul  Our name comes from our original product, the Magpul, which aids in the reloading of rifle magazines during combat. Founded by a Marine in 1999.

An old ad from our archives. Step right up folks. #TBT #Magpul #PMAG #NotSnakeoil

Box after Box. #Magpul #SGA #590

A Hunter 700 is just right for a dawn Aoudad hunt with the misses. #Magpul #Hunter700 #Remington700 #Hunting #EarlyBird

PMAG 30 GEN M3 2012.
The GEN M3 is the culmination of over 5 years of technology, performance and manufacturing development collectively focused on making the best magazine possible. The GEN M3 features improved reliability, EMAG feed geometry for SA-80/HK416 style magwell compatibility, material and manufacturing advancements for durability, and improved user interface elements. The GEN M3 PMAGs and GEN M3 Window PMAGs had the distinction of completing their entire periods of TOP 03-02-045-style validation testing with ZERO magazine-related stoppages over nearly 100,000 total rounds, a feat which has been repeated in every third-party/government test. The improvements in the M3 also finally beat the -60 deg drop performance requirements, and the new window material is impervious to all of the military specified test chemicals, including DEET, brake fluid, etc. (body material has always met this standard). The GEN M3 PMAG has been the top performing magazine in every government test since its
release, beating every other USGI variant and highly regarded commercial magazine, and that is why MAG556 (Window M3) is now the only combat authorized magazine for the USMC, and why the M3 variants are also the magazines of choice for nearly every entity that has seen the test data. #MAGPUL #PMAG10YEARS #MAGMONDAY #PMAG

To protect your beach spot in style you need our Kaneohe shirt, part of our AKA KOA line of serious leisure wear. Link to the whole line in our bio above. 🌴 🌞🌊#Magpul #AKAKOA

This never happens. You never find it and if you do it's trashed. Good job Nick, buy lottery tickets immediately.

#Repost @nickberry09 ・・・
7 months at the bottom of Lake Kapowsin and finally out of the water! For anyone who doubts the reliability of the 870, fired right out of the water with the same ammo that was in the lake. So impressed with Remington and also a big shout out to Magpul and Federal Premium. The Magpul stock cleaned right up and I can't believe that black cloud ammo fired after sitting in the lake so long!

Catch a ton of new Magpul products in action on the Sportsman Channel tonight at 9pm for the an all-new episode of Guns & Ammo TV presented by Brownells, Inc.
Full schedule for the new episode in case you are always too damn busy : JULY 20 THU - 9:00PM, JULY 21 FRI - 12:00AM, JULY 23 SUN - 4:30AM, JULY 23 SUN - 5:00PM

Why did we make a specific 300BLK magazine? Heres a hint: It involves certain professional customers with very specific needs. Link to an enlightening video on the subject on our Facebook and YouTube channel. #Magpul #PMAG #300Blackout #300BLK #AR15

PMAG 20 GEN M3 Prototype 2012
The PMAG 20 GEN M3 brought continuous curve geometry and all of the other GEN M3 improvements to the 20 round PMAG. The original, more traditional straight version, was a very popular form factor, but the reliability, compatibility, and durability of the M3 version were greatly aided by going to the curve. It wasn’t a decision made lightly, as we knew that the straight 20 was much beloved, but absolute flawless function was a goal we knew would be worth the change. #MAGPUL #PMAG10YEARS #MAGMONDAY

NOW SHIPPING X-22 Backpacker in Flat Dark Earth.
The X-22 Backpacker in FDE for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown is the perfect take-along rifle from the Sonoran to the Sahara and every plinking spot in-between. Pick one up at #Magpul #X22Backpacker #Ruger1022 #22LR #FDE #FlatDarkEarth

Break out the nice rifle this weekend. #Magpul #Hunter700 #Remington700

Pinging steel from 1000 yards 🛎🎶at a Long Range Precision rifle class put on by @magpulcore a ways back. #Magpul #TBT #MagpulCORE #Hunter700

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