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Magnificent Stanley - Becky  The original personalised tees and gifts for babies and children using Liberty prints β€’ Made in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§2-3wk turnaroundβ€’ shop via website πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Just a heads up that I won't be continuing with age 7/8yrs in AW. They haven't really been selling after (all those requests for them before) , and I'd rather put the money into exciting new styles πŸ‘πŸΌ If you want these beautiful 7-8yr tees get them while you can. There is a girl for and a boy fit. They are super soft and have a lovely covered neck seam πŸ’•

Isn't it funny how kids pick up on everything we do? How cute is Harvey having a casual chat on a real life phone! He looks aces in his tee.
Thanks for sharing @therusticmother x
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So, we made it through another Monday folks! As a treat for doing so, here's a little peek at the new season range πŸ‚ :
πŸ“· @gemma.mount :
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Just had a good rummage in this ones mouth while he was asleep and he appears to be cutting his top teeth first πŸ˜– no wonder he's not sleeping at night!

Beautiful little Alessia in her number one tee. Such a pretty little dot @emkbo ❀️
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Wow, the response to my 20 facts post last night was epic! I think I'm pretty dull, but when you read people's comments about your facts it makes you reevaluate yourself! I love reading other people's 20 facts so I'm glad you liked mine!
This is kid is teething like a mofo and stealing my sleep and won't be put down but we're powering on through. Happy Monday all! 😘

Tagged by the beautiful @lennieandco to do my 20 facts about me....sorry if you've heard these before πŸ™ˆ! 1. I'm Becky
2. I have 2 boys, Herb (4) & Hector (9m)
3. I'm lucky enough to live in Lewes and love it
4. I apologise too much
5. I'm actually shy but this surprises people
6. I haven't bought any new or 'current' music in YEARS. I still love old stuff.
7. I own a Morris Minor called Maude
8. I eat more chocolate than is good for me and have NO self control when it comes to the stuff
9. I used to tour with bands doing their wardrobe.
10. I toured with the X Factor tour every year for 9 years and when One Direction were on the tour, Harry Styles wrote a song for me entitled 'I'm in love with the wardrobe lady'. I felt like an old lady πŸ‘΅πŸΌ 11. I suffer from severe anxiety. It is a serous illness. My heart goes out to so many others with it. It can cripple you.
12. I used to make costumes when not on tour. I made the Pineapple dress for Patty in Grease the musical for every cast change. It was a mission of a dress and I think I made 9 in total.
13. I am cat crazy, I'd love 10 of them, but our cat Stan won't have any of it !
14. I am obsessed with the smell of lemon Cif and Flash
15. My sense of smell is incredible
16. If Hector had been a girl he would have been called Mavis (I REALLY wanted a girl!)
17. I'm a sucker for a sweet pea
18. Getting in to bed in freshly washed bedlinen that has been hung on the line to dry and ironed is literally the BEST feeling EVER.
19. I don't have a favourite colour but detest orange
20. I talk too much. I always have.

How about you @buddyandbear @ladybakewellpark @marjorie_minnie Care to share? X
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Beautiful Evelyn in her birthday tee. I still love this pepper print πŸ’• thanks for sharing @twinkletash x

I had a beautiful day in Surrey with my family. No matter what, my brother, his wife and their kids make everything peachy πŸ’•
It's tough being both parents to my boys a lot of the time. I've really struggled recently. I look at them though and know I must have done something right, as I can take them anywhere and be so proud to say they're mine.
I've just got home, and am going to sleep just like my boys are.
Night all πŸŒ™βœ¨

Good morning all! Have a wonderful weekend whatever you're up to! β˜€οΈ :
πŸ“· @mother_of_martha :
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My #FF .....Are you in Surrey? Do you have crafty school age kids who are 'bored'? πŸ™ˆ then checkout the amazing @magpiemakesworkshops . They're quite simply wonderful . πŸ™ŒπŸΌ 🌈 🎨 :
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