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Giovanni Savino  Giovanni Savino is a New York-based photographer and cinematographer.

The Age of Doubt #portrait

Life in a darkening Empire #notmypresident

Coffee with a friend. #rolleiflex

Ramon Bodden el Vikingo Dominicano .... MERRY CHRISTMAS !! #largeformatcamera #instantfilm

8x10 soft focus experimental portrait using the rear element only of a Jena 50cm Tessar lens. I was favorably impressed. this lens has a huge coverage and a wonderful optical quality #papernegative #largeformatcamera

Yesterday, on the day after the Presidential election, as I walked across town on my way to a medical appointment (my thanks to the existence of "Obamacare& #34; ), I noticed an eerie, unusual silence in the streets of New York. Then I saw someone with an umbrella walking in front of me. On the umbrella I saw a very American symbol, perhaps one of our most successful exports worldwide, aside chewing gum. I assume all Americans know the meaning of a raised middle finger, and so do most citizens of the world, by now. The real question is who or what do we raise our middle finger to. But I found no clear answers to my question. It felt as if that finger was mainly raised towards ourselves, towards our fellow Americans, towards all those frustrations, anger, injustices, we appear to have now decided to hate and despise, to angrily, violently fight against, not to debate anymore with decency, in search of solutions and civil compromises. Suddenly the rain felt much colder and a police siren broke the silence, just a few blocks away. #trump #darkages

More questions than answers. #largeformatcamera #papernegative #halloween

View from the 207th Street Bridge. #papernegative #largeformatcamera #manhattan #bronx

Three trees #papernegative

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