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Ema🌼  19. A human bean that lives in books. 🌻 β–ͺ 2017 Reading Goal - 28/55 "The world was hers for the reading." - Betty Smith 🌟

"Do not let what you think they think of you make you stop and question everything you are." πŸ‘‘
I've never seen a Star Wars movie. Not a single one. But I have so much love in my heart for Carrie Fisher. πŸ’› Who she was as a person always inspired me. How she talked so honestly and openly about mental health & human struggles was always one of my favorite things about her. Going into this book, knowing that she is no longer on this Earth, is going to be hard. And maybe after I read it I'll finally watch Star Wars. MAYBE. Have a nice day/night! ✨

"History is filled with teenagers who lead the fight. Joan of Arc. Okita Soji, the samurai. Alexander the Great.They were all teenagers when they began leading their armies. I think we're back to those times again, kid." πŸ”₯
I've been gone for so long, I didn't even realise. πŸ˜• But in these last 2 weeks (or more, Idk), I accumulated 9 books. Which I think is fair because I haven't really had a book haul since April. This book here, End of Days, is the third & final book in the Penryn & the End of Days trilogy. I got it from @halfpricebooks this weekend for $1! I'm also halfway done with it & it's so good!!! I'll be posting more, especially since it's now Autumn, which is my favourite time of year to read. 🍁 Have a good day/night! ✨

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who talked to the moon." πŸŒ™
For the longest time I didn't read this book because I thought it was the last one in the Anna, Lola, & Isla series. I was waiting until I had read Isla to read this one & when I found out that this was the second book I was absolutely dumbfounded. But now that I know, I can finally read this! At the moment I am reading Percy Jackson (which I am LOVING), so I'll have to wait until I finish that. In other news, I'm spending today catching up on Game of Thrones because I am terribly far behind. Have a nice day/night! ✨

"What's life without a few dragons?" πŸ”₯
This weeks challenge for #winabookwednesday is Favourite Animals (real or mythical). I chose DRAGONS. I absolutely love dragons! They're super badass to me & any time a book or movie or show introduces dragons, I'm hooked. This is why I chose Goblet of Fire. When the champions learn that they have to go against dragons for their first task, I was elated. 😊 My favorite real animal is always going to be cats & I think that if dragons were real, they would get along just fine. 🌻 Have a nice day/night! ✨

"The glitter in the sky looks as if I could scoop it all up in my hands and let the stars swirl and touch one another, but they are so distant, so very far apart, that they cannot feel the warmth of each other, even though they are made of burning." ✨
I never do monthly challenges but Kelsea, Krizelle, & Nikki are putting on a weekly challenge for August and even giving away a book for each week! Super awesome!!! πŸ’œ
So this weeks challenge is *Fantastic Worlds* which is a book that has fantastic world building. I chose Across The Universe by Beth Revis for this challenge. Although this series doesn't take place on any type of planet or world, it does take place on a huge intergalactic spaceship, which is where these people live, so I thought this was acceptable! The ship, named Godspeed, is home to over 2,000 people and is described as a small country. And this ship really is a world of its own as described by Beth in beautiful detail. I absolutely love the Across The Universe series & think that everyone should read it. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’– #winabookwednesday Have a nice day/night! 🌟

"It's funny how humans can wrap their minds around things and fit them into their version of reality." 🌟
I'm really enjoying reading Radio Silence by Alice Osman. It's such a nice read. Also, I went to an amateur MMA fight yesterday and my brother won! The fights were amazing. πŸ’₯ After I finish Radio Silence I'm planning to (finally) start the Percy Jackson series. I've put these books off for too long already. Have a nice day/night! ✨

"I wonder β€” if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?" πŸ“»
I'm *back*. ☺ I've been sick for a couple weeks but I'm getting better. Also my sister went to the library & checked out this book & it looks amazing so I took it from her. More photos to come! (Sorry I've been gone forever. πŸ’›)

"I think she gave everyone a small piece of who she was. So if any one of them left, no one would have taken all of her, she wouldn’t be completely broken." 🌼
I'm sick again, what a surprise. πŸ˜’ Also, I have no idea what book I should read & I feel like I'm going back into a reading slump. But since I'm basically bedridden, I'll be watching Daredevil season 2 all day. ❀ Have a nice day/night! 🌞

"I didn’t relate well to people my age. Maybe the truth was that I didn’t relate well to people, period." 🍏
I went book shopping Saturday & I ended up with a few new books, this one included. I was so hoping that they would come out with a single version of this & not that giant dual version that they had at first. Also, my little succulent is growing so nicely, I love it. 🌱 Tomorrow is Prime Day! My sister & I are all about Amazon, so it's gonna be fun. ☺ Have a nice day/night!

"When you’re between two shores and no one can see you, you don’t really exist at all." 🌟
I'll never really get over this book. It tore my heart to pieces. πŸ’” I'm going to see fireworks tonight & then again tomorrow night. πŸŽ† And I stopped rereading Harry Potter to start reading Percy Jackson. Also, HAIM's new album drops in 4 days & I'm VERY excited. Have a nice day/night! 😊

"Mr. H. Potter
The Cupboard under the Stairs
4 Privet Drive
Little Whinging
Surrey" πŸ’™
I really want to go out and buy the 20th anniversary house edition in Ravenclaw. (That's my house. 😊) I'm broke af right now though, so I'm going to have to wait. In other news, Netflix added the new season of Shameless & I'm going to be watching that all night. Have a nice day/night! ✨

"Change, like healing, takes time." πŸ’›
I know a lot of people didn't like the ending to the Divergent series, but I did. When I read it the first time, I didn't actually grasp what was happening. And then I did and I was SHOCKED. But overall, I really enjoyed this series. 🌼 I've been watching Booktube since midnight (it's currently 4:30 a.m.) & I'm really loving the videos from Hannah aka A Clockwork Reader. 😊 Have a nice day/night! ✨

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