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It would sound really cool to say that Midwifery School has just been this natural thing for me, that I fell into it, that I just put my hands on a mom or baby and knew exactly what to do because this work lives in my soul...because it does...but I didn't. I got a "call" to do this work--from another dimension, while I was doing another career--that felt crazy, that some friends told me would "pass," to let it. I fumbled, made mistakes, and doubted myself. I also stayed curious, figured things out, and found confidence. This was hard for me in a way that some other things in my life haven't been. And I am here. Like we tell laboring families, "we can do hard things." The best part is, this finish line is a starting line. I don't have to be finished. I will always be learning and trying to do better, to give every family their own best start. I am thankful for the birthing families who helped me learn how. I am thankful for my own family for loving me through this. For my husband, for holding me up during the hardest parts, for the 2am wake ups sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, standing on the street with my coffee & stopwatch like a drive through butler, and being a true co-parent and partner doing more than your share of everything. For my children, who learned their way around the birth center (and what that sometimes sounds like) who still came in to wake me up for hugs when I was napping after a birth, who have seen their mama cry, fall asleep mid-storytime, and also laugh, and feel proud. I thank my family and friends for listening to my stories, for being there for my kids, for believing. For my preceptor midwives, patiently holding space for me "without show or fuss" (from the Tao Te Ching), to be the midwife I will soon be. Thank you @iamjenniejoseph and team, my teachers and my classmates, for this very special time & place to learn, grow, and become. This is the beginning of a lot of good things! A major exam and a few pieces of paper left to go, but it feels good to celebrate this pretty big step. #midwifery

A #medalmonday from a very special finish line.🏅👩‍⚕️#midwifery

Throw (catch?) back Thursday. I am graduating from #midwifery school this weekend and going through so many pictures on my phone...all kinds of births, so many special families, hard & happy clinic days at @lakelandmidwifery & @bcofstpete, the things my family has experienced over the past 3 years, and I'm just...overwhelmed with gratitude & amazement...and photos, lots and lots of photos that will probably make their way here at some point so I can make space on my phone. Here's hoping I can keep all those memories on my heart and in my hands as the real work starts. Holy moly, I'm really doing this. Photo from 📸@tampabirthphotographer. #birthisbeautiful #birthwithoutfear #midwifewithoutfear

But like, caterpillars are cool, they move slow, they eat a lot, they get to take a massive nap...oh, OKAY.❤️🐛🦋💪
#inspiringwomenrunners #motherrunner

Insert meaningful post about how life-changing the last 7 years have been, me giving happy birthday wishes on social media to my son who doesn't even use social media, but here is the real: Motherhood is sometimes the magic of BIRTHDAY HEAD LICE! On BOTH KIDS! Because my week needed just one.more.thing. Send me your tips, your love, your prayers. Light all the candles 'cause it's a lice party up in here, and thank God we already had cake.

#tbt Forty one weeks, 2011. Around kid birthday time all the feelings and memories swell close to the surface like this, ready to burst at any moment. I have a special place in my heart for the in between times, the transitions, the almost-but-not-yets, the 41 weekers. I'm waiting now for a test date for my midwifery licensing exam, finding pockets of time to study in between breaking up kid fights and planning birthday cakes that "look like sushi." I bought fondant today. I want to go for a run. This is all happening. We'll get there y'all.

Happiness is a hot sauce-and getting to share favorite east coast spots with my people. #tacotuesday #veggietacos #latergram #termitevacation #beachday

I love my family so much. My house is in post-termite treatment shambles but my heart is so happy.

"Remove from the home all persons, domestic animals, and desirable growing plants." -Terminix, prompting this #houseplantlove and #termitevacation

You know how Library Summer Programming is life, right? When you can't afford cool camps or can/want to be around your kids most of the time but need some afternoon activity help? Yesterday we met up with pals, made mandala suncatchers out of old CDs & sharpies, re-upped our reading stash, and it was magic. #mamacamp

One night last June I drove to Orlando so my sister in law could watch the kids for my clinic day in Lakeland the next morning. I settled in for the night and got called to a #homebirth in Tampa instead. While in Tampa, I got another call that my other sister in law (I really don't dig the law part of that term, I like love instead, but you know what I mean) in Melbourne was in labor. Helped one baby out and then hit the road to be just in time to meet another. It was (one of) the absolute height(s) of my #studentmidwife craziness (there is a lot of craziness involved with #midwifery), but one of the most special blessings and important reminders of why I needed to keep going. Happy Birthday to our Stella, I love you & our family so much. #birthmatters #naturalbirth #skintoskin #magichour #birthwithoutfear

Savoring the Summer. Two weeks shy of seven he decided to let this vest go today and just SWIM. Both my kids have always been fiercely resistant until ready--with sleep, certain foods, a new sport or skill, and to my Florida Girl chagrin, swimming. I don't push too hard, I midwife them along with good strong words and whatever they need to be safe & feel secure. When it clicks though? When they decide? It's ON. The energy used to resist just propels them forward. Same, same.🏊

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