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Maggie Olkuska DP  Director of Photography 🎥 / Filmmaker / Veganized / Human / Polish in Denmark /

CPH:DOX 2017 Official Selection “…When you look away” documentary by Phie Ambo

Where are the limits of consciousness  and are we connected in ways we never knew? Phie Ambo asks these big questions in a filmic experiment with surprising answers.

How far does consciousness reach? And are we maybe connected with each other in ways that we never knew? It is not the first time that Phie Ambo embarks on dissecting the relationship between the physical limits and the metaphysical realm – but this time the film itself is part of that effort. CPHDOX

84 min Documentary, Denmark 2017,
Director: Phie Ambo
Producer: Malene Flindt Pedersen
Cinematography: Phie Ambo, Maggie Olkuska #cinematographer #filmtrailer   #danishfilm   #documentary #documentaryfilm #physics #quantumscience #quantumbiology #cellularbiology #MasaruEmoto #brucelipton #greggbraden #water #consciousness #awarness #consciousfilm #consciousmovies #mindfulness #ascension #quantumtechnology #spiritualfilms #fractals #internationalfilm #femalefilmmakers #femaledirector #femaledop #femaleproducer

Når Solen Skinner / When the Sun Shines
Denmark / 85 min / FEATURE
Won: Manchester Film Festival 2017 for The Best International Film
#HappyCinematographer 👙💃🎥 “"This film is beautiful in almost every way. Every shot is carefully chosen with gorgeous lighting and framing, using the sun in innovative ways all the time. The soundtrack is amazing and is used at just the right moment to change the mood or to emphasise it.”
by @quaysnews “The cinematography is also a noteworthy aspect, rising above the shots and camera work that anyone would normally associate with the traditional indie film circuit. Basically, When the Sun Shines was the highlight of MANIFF 2017, and the team associated with it seem destined to move ever onwards and upwards, and I’m looking forward to see what they come up with next.” Elliot Garlick  @ilovemanchester

Directors Frederik Barington
Producer Lars Iversen
Cast Elias Munk: "Sofus" Laura Kjær: "Sarah"
Cinematographer: Maggie Olkuska
Sound Christian Munk Scheuer
Editor Frederik Barington
Music Kasper August Topp

Filmed at Sony Fs7 @sonynordic #SonyNordic #sonyfs7 @Sony and @samyanglensglobal

#Maniff2017 #cinematographer #filmtrailer #indiefilm #indie2017 #youthdrama #danishfilm #nårsolenskinner #whenthesunshines #internationalfilm #happyfilmcrew #filmproduction #filmmakers #filmdirector #directorofphotography #filmcollective #moviemakers #sonyfs7 #femalecinematographer #femaledop #femalefilmmaker

Når Solen Skinner - short but warm memories from the set ! 2015
#longlongtimeago #Hygge #broll #behindthescenes #filmset #independetfilm #sonyfs7

...filmed my first "SCI FI" music video, and it's here. Check it out at instagram: itsavavav or Facebook: Av Av Av 🍾⚡️🎯
Official video for #AVAV AV's single "Habitat"
Written, Produced and Directed Anders Morgenthaler
DOP - Maggie Olkuska
Actor - Anna Berentina
VFX Supervison, 3D blocking, ass. editor - Jeppe Nygaard Christensen
VFX - Joaquim Marques Nielsen, Aske Melhof, Nick Andersen
3D animator - Lars Hummelshøj
Editor, grading - Martin Skovbjerg
Composit & Light Effects - Jonas Drotner Mouritsen
Productions Ass. - Ida Kader, Alice Hein (c) 2017 Parlophone Music Denmark a Warner Music Group Company #scifi #sciencefiction #musicvideo #dop #forest #cinematography #vhs #vhsvideo

Humans, WHAT DO YOU REALLY NEED? I mean, who is afraid of FULLY COMMITTING to life?
Really.... How can life be afraid of its own integral process?

My real friends, I see you on strikes, I see you expressing your disappointment in media, on the internet, I see many of you around me expressing what is wrong with the world. You informed me well, what is not working. Okay, good to know where you stand, but…. Where do we start the building, where do we put the first fundaments, Let’s talk about this for a second.
What do you support then?///
I stand with humans, humans who represent and use their natural intelligence. By taking angrily about men & what is literally “fcked up”, what you hate…. tell me.. where are you placing yourself?
By shouting and screaming how life can get worse, what people DO WRONG, and again what he/she did wrong….
WHERE ARE YOU YOURSELF? Are you creating more UNION or more SEPARATION? Are you bringing more SOLUTIONS or MORE FRUSTRATION to the equation? (what do you feel !?) WHAT TO DO NEXT?
STEP 1 and only: FOCUS & find out what you WANT / NEED
Doesn’t it sound logical: to improve your daily life, job, relationship, or a global issue, is to start by puting your energy & focusing on the goal, the outcome, the action, the work, and let it be?! Tell me, tell us HOW CAN WE HELP YOU, do you need support, you have any ideas, let’s form communities and work towards it together?

If you don’t feel motivated, TO FOCUS, I give you my personal motivation. One You can simply find around you, any time. One - that is REAL. One - you can talk to. It is my nr 1. FUTURE SELF, it is me at age of 30 and me.. at age of 60, and so is also and greatly 2.: my mother, my father, my grandparents, and grand grandparents, my neighbours, my family.
I do it for my ancestors who played the path for me, and I will work for my kids.
Myself, I was also focusing on whats wrong. Here I found my solution, I share it.
So I ask again, ask yourself… what do you really need? ———————
Yesterday I was frustrated, Today I am getting motivated. Thank you. // Take what you need. // #visionaryartwork by one and only @alexgreycosm #consciousness #alexgrey #lovehaswon

"Only take advice from people you honour and respect.
They will either leave you with "congratulations" or "motivations". - Maggie /// my own living sentence /life expierence /// 17.01.2017 #2017inaction photo by @zo_dabrowska

“Are you proud of what you put into your body?” //Continuation to my documentary movie research// 🍎🍓🍅 —
Last year transformations got me thinking, LABELS such us “VEGAN” can create more UNITY (people with the same interests are getting along), and in the same time more SPERATION between groups of people pro vs. against specific diets ( people/groups with different interests) - what do you think ?! —
What I share today is a part of my life I am becoming more and more proud of.
Shortly, at age of 16, I firmly decided I will dedicate my life to working with film, I have fallen in love with the idea of the WHOLE FILMMAKER PACKGAGE. From learning/gaining technical and artistic knowledge; framing/lighting/creating / recording “a moving photograph” and spreading an idea, a message to other people thru moving images; inspiring others, making others feel or understand smh or laugh; to most importantly meeting new people/making friends, communicating, brainstorming, creating, traveling & working with alike people on filmsets!
I want to live "the whole conscious human/filmmaker package". Here I start. Part 1. FOOD. (picture)
Last summer I decided I dont only want to make “conscious” movies, movies pro-laughter, pro-joy, pro-feeling, pro-humans, pro-art, pro-creativity, pro-unity, pro-planet earth, but also I want to live as consciously as I can, and let my actions support my talk! I am in the proces of discovery and learning. I dont like labeling myself with any dietary “name”, I experiment all the time, our bodies are evolving, (even thou most of the meals above contain mainly raw or cooked/baked organic/eco vegetables & fruits & oils), I follow my intuition mainly and i simply learn/gain knowledge by checking how I feel, how EFFECTIVE & CREATIVE I am while working, how healthy I am/feel vs what I eat in a day.
Food is definitely not the main cause of our moods but I believe that you know BEST how you feel when you eat certain foods.
I write this post, because many of my friends, lately felt sick, down,…. and me/them could experience/see the correlation... how our diet-change and daily food-choices could only benefit us, and help to get us back on track!

Sunshine. I am with you. #amagerfælled #earlymorning

Last year Summary

Ho ho ho hi hi hi, to the film crews! I am so glad, I worked as dp/cinematographer on 2 film projects which are nominated to Danish TV PRIS 2017 💝🎄
📹! #telekamery
hard work, i was attending film school in Lodz, Poland and at the same time I was woking on the series, but worth it !
- Morgnethalers: Kunsterens Lærling (TV Series 6 x 30min, DR K)
BEST DOCUMENTARY 2016: - Bonnie og de tusinde mænd (Dir. Mette Korsgaard, 60min, DR1)
(Video fra Morgenthalers: Kunsterens Lærling, Episode: Rose Eken)
#cinematographer #tvpris #camera #DoP #bestdocumentary #filmcrew #filmawards #happy #autorzdjec #filmfotograf #filmfotografi #nikesko @nike #porcelain #artprogram #arttvseries #porcelainart #kunst

#Peace . 🕊. (🎼 Armand Amar)

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