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Thank you @nonhuman.rights.project for PERFECTLY articulating what it means to fight for EVERY living being. There is not, and has never been one or the other in my heart. Injustice, pain, suffering, loss- should be our concern no matter which life it is. A man, a woman, a child, an animal. Whatever matters to YOU- fight for it. We were made differently so that our divided passions can help this planet as a whole. I know, and have known, some of the greatest human rights activists in the world. Do you know what they say to me?..."Thank you for fighting for the animals." There is only room in this world for more compassion, not less.

Thank you #tribecatvfestival for the premiere of Designated Survivor Season 2!!! @italiaricci @kalpenn #paolocostanzo
@31philliplim @gitabass @bradleyirion @angelaroi You guys are magic. I don't wake up like this. 😂

I LOVE THIS CAST. Season 2 premieres this Wednesday on ABC 10pm.
@designatedsurvivorabc designatedsurvivorabc @italiaricci @kalpenn #tribecatvfestival

Thank you god for apple season. 😂#pickingmyownthankyou #pickingbreak

When your friend is very seriously battling the Emperor of all Maladies, and on her way to Chemo in the morning- she sends you this. The human spirit. What a miraculous tool. #grateful

CALIFORNIA IS POISED TO MAKE HISTORY!!!!! Bill AB 485 is sitting on Gov. Jerry Browns desk and waiting to be signed into law. This law would prohibit the sale of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits in Pet Stores unless they come from shelters or rescue groups. How much sense does this make for lost, abandoned and neglected animals? This is a LONG time coming. Please, please, please.... if this means something to you, write into Gov. Browns office in support of this bill!!! LEG.UNIT@GOV.CA.GOV It's time for compassion to be the LAW! #adoptdontshop #beqind
@worldanimalnews @bestfriendsanimalsociety @socialcompassion @simonereyes

When you're trying to do yoga at lunch but.......

I don't have to tell you over and over how important your dollar is. But I will! Who you give your money to MATTERS. I know for me, I want to support those who don't condone suffering to line their own pockets! Shame on these companies!!!!!!!! @peta #sickofgreed

When you have too many tattoos and your character doesn't.... @liz_rwe @designatedsurvivorabc #designatedsurvivorseason2

Congratulations to my beautiful friend @zacposen on his new documentary @houseofzfilm
So proud of the person you are and the honesty and candor you have in this incredible film. You are one of a kind! @voguemagazine @brooksbrothers


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